The Gathering Storm: Chapter 10

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Dragon Chapter Icon.png

The Last of the Tabac

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Point of View: Rodel

Setting: An abandoned Stedding

Characters: Rodel, Rajabi, Rand, Ankaer, Wakeda, Melarned, Lidrin


Rand and Rodel agree on the latter being sent to the Borderlands where Rand would need him.


Rodel tells Rajabi that they will get no relief from the Taraboners. They are being chased by a second Seanchan army, larger than the first. He tells Rajabi they have a chance if they stay as they can negate the effect of the damane. He doesn't believe it, but Rajabi gains confidence. Wakeda asks why they are staying in the stedding as it is a trap. Rodel tells everyone it is because it is better than the alternative. A messenger tells them that a man claiming to be the Dragon Reborn has entered their camp. Rand is brought before them and tells them who he is. He tells Rodel that Alsalam is dead and he wants him in the Borderlands. Rand offers Rodel a hundred Asha'man and Rodel agrees to leave Arad Doman and fight in the Borderlands if Rand keeps the Seanchan out and restores order.

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