The Gathering Storm: Chapter 15

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A Place to Begin

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Points of view: Rand, Min and Aviendha


Rand meets Moridin in his sleep and tells him he means to slay the Dark One. When Rand wakes up Min tells him he needs to destroy the seals.


Rand's Point of View:

Setting: An unknown place

Characters: Rand, Moridin

Rand wakes in an oddly familiar place and goes through a door. In the sky he sees clouds bubbling off from one another, forming the shape of a tormented face. In the room, there are two chairs, with Moridin seated in one of them. Rand takes the other and recognises Moridin, who tells him he took a new name when he took a new body. He tells Rand that the Dark One can recover any who serve him unless they die by balefire. Moridin tells Rand it does not matter if Rand wins at Tarmon Gai'don as eventually, in one turning of the Wheel the Dark One will win. He does believe it will be in this turning and that there will be no eternity or living forever, only now. Rand tells him he means to slay the Dark One, which Moridin says is stupid.

Min's Point of View:

Setting: Lord Tellaen's manor.

Characters: Min, Rand

Min watches Rand thrashing in his sleep until he calms. She reads Pelateos' Ponderings and thinks she has made progress puzzling out what Rand must do, but is worried about how to tell him. He wakes and tells her that the voice in his head, Lews Therin, is real. Min convinces him to share what he is feeling and he tells her that Lews Therin is mad and sometimes tries to seize saidin from him. Min insists the voice is just remnants of what Rand was before. They don't agree, Rand insisting he won't fail like Lews Therin. Min wonders if all mad people think it is the voice in their head that does horrible things. He tells her that Ishamael has returned with a new name and body and that all the Forsaken can do the same unless they are killed with balefire. She tells him that he should destroy the seals as that is what Herid Fel meant by "clear away the rubble". She looks at the auras she sees around him, fireflies in darkness, three women before a pyre and others. She tells him that there are clues about what he should do, but that they are vague and she will keep looking.

Aviendha's Point of View:

Setting: One of the Aiel tents around Lord Tellaen's manor.

Characters: Aviendha, Corana, Amys

Amys sneaks up on Aviendha and tells her that sometimes people are so concerned with the things they have done that they don't consider the things they haven't. They see Flinn and Bashere return. Corana tells them that the Seanchan have given Rand cause to declare blood feud but instead he simpers and panders to them. Amys asks Aviendha her opinion and she says that her heart agrees with Corana but her mind agrees with Rand. Amys agrees and Corana says she sounds like a Wetlander and that they should have no care for prophecy. Amys tells her she sounds like a Shaido. Corana tells her the Seanchan have leashed Shaido Wise Ones. Amys says this changes nothing, but that vengeance will come once the current war is done. She sends Corana to Rhuarc and Bael.

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