The Gathering Storm: Chapter 44

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Scents Unknown

Chapter Icon: Wheel and Serpent

Point of View: Nynaeve

Setting: Near Far Madding and in the Stone of Tear

Characters: Nynaeve, Rand, Narishma, Naeff, Hurin, Cadsuane, Merise, Corele, Min


Rand refuses to help Lan and is angered by the Borderlanders and their condition about a meeting with him. Nynaeve barely stops him from killing people. Rand tells her where Perrin is. Cadsuane says that Perrin is not so important but a person with him is vital for Rand.


Rand and Nynaeve argue about Lan and Rand's refusal to help him. Rand refuses to fight at Tarwin's Gap, insisting it makes more sense to go directly to Shayol Ghul and that Lan will be a good distraction. She hasn't been able to locate Perrin so asks Rand directly if he knows. He does, but tells her he hasn't been meeting directly with Perrin, though they are connected. Nynaeve asks Narishma what he thinks of the Borderlanders abandoning their posts. He tells her he was a cobblers son and doesn't know the ways of lords, and that he isn't a Borderlander any more. He tells her he doesn't trust them, but he wants to. They go on, expecting to meet with a delegation having no more than four channellers, to match Rand, Nynaeve, Naeff and Narishma.

An Aiel scout returns and tells them that the Borderlanders sent just one man. They go to see what he has to say and are surprised that it is just Hurin. He starts to speak, but Rand seizes him and questions him to make sure of who he is. Hurin tells them he is there to discuss the terms of the real meeting. Rand Travel's to Far Madding using a two gateway system, where they see a large army camped. He talks about how they want to capture and beat him and starts to draw saidin through the Access Key. Nynaeve persuades him not to kill anyone that day. He tells Hurin to return with a message, that he will transport them back to the Blight if they wish to do their duty, otherwise they can remain in hiding. He tells Nynaeve that Perrin is camped beneath an enormous fallen statue, like a sword stabbing the earth.

In Tear, Nynaeve goes to see Cadsuane to bring her the news, but first insists she say why she wishes to know. Cadsuane instead asks about the meeting and Nynaeve tells her how she had to stop Rand from raining down fire on the army. Corele claims it doesn't matter as Min's visions show they will succeed, but Min tells them that if the Dark One wins, there will be no Pattern and so her visions will fail. Nynaeve decides to tell Cadsuane anyway, because even the smallest chance of helping Rand is better than none. Cadsuane recognizes the statue as the hand of the amahn'rukane near the Jehannah road. She tells Nynaeve that Perrin isn't important, but that one of the people with Perrin is vital.

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