The Gathering Storm: Chapter 47

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Dragon Chapter Icon.png

The One He Lost

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Point of View: Rand

Setting: The Stone

Characters: Rand, Tam


Rand meets Tam and although he receives some good advice, tries to kill him because of his paranoia. He stops himself and leaves for Ebou Dar to attack the Seanchan.


Rand thinks that although he has the form of a human, he is not one. He thinks of Mat and sees him in Caemlyn. He wonders why the prophecies mention Callandor but not the Choedan Kal and begins to grow angry at them for constraining him. He thinks that even if the Borderland army does not return to guard the Blight, they can be useful against the Seanchan. Lews Therin's voice says that their first failure was here in the Stone, in not reviving a dead girl. He enters his room and sees Tam, who tells him he had been with Perrin. This angers Rand, because he hadn't wanted Perrin using more Two Rivers men. Tam tells him Morgase is alive and with Perrin. Rand is glad to have his father there for his strength but wonders what would people think if they knew he relied on the wisdom of a shepherd. They talk and Tam tells him how he became a blademaster, by killing another, and that he has always regretted it even though it needed doing. Rand complains that other people have freedom but he can't run. Tam asks him if he would want to and he says no, so Tam tells him that sometimes the choice we have is not what we do, but why we do it and that Rand should stop whining about it. Tam mentions that Cadsuane brought him there. Rand's paranoia and mistrust of Cadsuane take over and he attacks Tam throwing him on the ground with a weave of air. He begins preparing the weave for balefire before he realises what he is doing and flees to Ebou Dar to attack the Seanchan.

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