The Gathering Storm: Chapter 49

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Just Another Man

Chapter Icon: A large leaf with two smaller leaves next to it

Point of View: Rand

Characters: Rand

Setting: Ebou Dar


Rand tries to balefire the Tarasin Palace but the sickness makes him fall on the ground, he opens a gateway and goes to Dragonmount.


Rand walks through Ebou Dar, thinking how safe the city is for those who can't channel. Outside the city, the Tuatha'an are setting up permanent campsites and are even being paid by the Seanchan to feed and house visitors during the night before the city gates open. He walks with a staff to disguise his height and decides to attack, unwrapping the access key so that he can balefire the palace, then Travel to the other places the Seanchan control and defeat them there. When he seizes saidin, the sickness takes him so strongly that he is knocked to the ground and people crowd round him, concerned. He weaves a gateway to get away from them and skims to Dragonmount.

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