The Gathering Storm: Chapter 5

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A Tale of Blood

Chapter Icon: Two gulls, wings outspread, facing each other

Points of View: Rand, Cadsuane


Rand is angry that nobody believes he cleansed saidin. Cadsuane is trying to find a way to break Semirhage.


Rand's Point of View:

Setting: Arad Doman

Characters: Rand, Harine, Damer Flinn, Corele, Elza

Rand is walking through the encampment thinking, he receives a letter from Darlin and replies that he is to continue gathering troops in Tear. Then Rand meets with Harine asking why the ships with food bound to Bandar Eban are late and she replies that traveling in Seanchan controlled water is slowing them. Rand asks her how are the men who can channel treated among the Sea Folk and in return she can ask him a question. She replies that they are given a choice - either drowned in the sea or left on an isolated isle. Rand demands that the practice stop now that saidin is cleansed but Harine is skeptical. Rand is infuriated that no one believes him that he has cleansed the One Power. Rand realizes he talks about things from Lews Therin's life and is afraid that he is losing himself but he cannot make himself banish the voice as he needs it to help him find a way to seal the bore. Harine informs him that she will ask her question later. Rand talks about how he feels that he has no freedom but he'll do what he must.

Cadsuane's Point of View:

Setting: Arad Doman

Characters: Cadsuane, Merise, Semirhage, Narishma

Merise is interrogating Semirhage. Cadsuane is thinking how unbending and frustrating Semirhage is and nothing they've done has yielded any results. Semirhage is talking calmly about how she has tortured a person and threatens that she will show it some day to Merise which unbalances the Aes Sedai. Cadsuane interferes and weaves a shield of Air around Semirhage's head and balls of light, placed in front of the Forsaken's eyes. Cadsuane is thinking how the Aes Sedai of this age are falling short of what Aes Sedai should be and that Semirhage can be broken and she will find a way. Merise continues the interrogation and Cadsuane is concerned about Rand and how he is resisting her teaching. She turns her thoughts back to Semirhage and sees something of herself in the Forsaken and wonders "if given the task, how would Cadsuane go about breaking herself".


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Why is Harine unconvinced that the Source is cleansed given she was present when it happened?

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