The Gathering Storm: Chapter 50

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Dragon Chapter Icon.png

Veins of Gold

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Point of View: Rand

Setting: Dragonmount

Characters: Rand


Rand channels saidin determined to die and thinking there is no point to fight and be born again when Lews Therin tells him it's in order for him to have the chance to love again. Rand is finally one with Lews Therin and destroys the Choedan Kal seeing the sun again.


Rand sits at the summit of Dragonmount, using the Power to compress the air around him so he can breathe. He thinks on Tam's question about why he is bothering to fight, letting his anger fuel him. He wonders what the point of continuing is, and draws in more and more saidin. He remembers the day he died as Lews Therin and decides to die again. Lews' voice asks why are people born again, answering that perhaps it is so they can have a second chance and love again and to do it right this time. Rand realizes that it is worthwhile to fight the Dark One and channels, crushing the Choedan Kal and causing it to explode. Believing that Lews Therin was never a separate entity and that he will not hear the voice again, he begins to laugh as the clouds break above him and he is able to see the sun.

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