The Great Hunt: Chapter 2

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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The Welcome

Point of View: Rand

Chapter Icon: Flame of Tar Valon

Characters: Rand, Elansu, Agelmar, Tema

Setting: Fal Dara


Rand tries to flee, but is told no one is allowed to leave Fal Dara.


Rand is hurrying towards his room in the Fal Dara keep. As he makes his way through the halls, several people call out to him, saying that the Amyrlin Seat is there, and that she probably wants to see him and his friends. When he reaches his room, he finds several women clearing out his clothes, as well as Perrin's and Mat's. He demands to know what they are doing, and Elansu, the Shatayan of Fal Dara keep, tells him that Moiraine wants them to have new clothes, which Lady Amalisa had ordered made for them. They tell him that he is to change out of the clothes that he is currently wearing; he does, and finds that he now has a whole wardrobe of new clothes.

He quickly changes, and then packs his bags, intending to leave Fal Dara as soon as he can. He grabs his Two Rivers long bow before he leaves.

On the way to the stables Rand sees the entourage of the Amyrlin Seat. As he passes he hears the welcoming ceremony as the Amyrlin Seat is welcomed into Fal Dara keep. Agelmar welcomes them by saying, "Fal Dara offers bread and salt and welcome. Welcome is the Amyrlin Seat to Fal Dara, for here is the watch kept, here is the Pact maintained. Welcome."

Rand hurries by, more intent then ever on leaving. When he arrives, he sees Tema, a stablehand. Tema informs Rand that an order has been passed out that no one is to leave the keep. Rand asks if the order had come from Lord Agelmar, and Tema tells him that it must have. He then remarks, "The Welcome is finished, my Lord. The Amyrlin Seat will be sending for my Lord, and my Lord's friends, to come see her now."

Upon hearing these words, Rand takes off at a run.


Character Development


He decides to leave when the Amyrlin arrives.


Given that one of the Seals was sealed since the Age of Legends, why is the Amyrlin Seat known as the Watcher of the Seals?
Who sent the order to have the gates locked and why?


First Mention

Elansu, Ronan, Tema, Amalisa, Alwyn al’Van

First Appearance

Elansu, Ronan, Tema

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