The Great Hunt: Chapter 24

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Author: Val a'Shain

New Friends and Old Enemies

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Points of view: Egwene, Min


Egwene meets Elayne, Gawyn, Galad and Min.


Egwene's Point of View:

Setting: The White Tower

Characters: Egwene, Elayne, Min, Galad, Gawyn, Logain, Elaida

Egwene's first day as a novice isn't quite what she expected. Since before dawn she has been doing chores. Now an Accepted has come to take her to the scullery. When they get there Egwene is told to be there at this time every day from now on. When Egwene goes in she sees a young woman in novice white. She introduces herself as Elayne and tells Egwene she has been assigned to show her around. Egwene immediately notices the air of dignity and self-possession about her.

The girls talk a bit about their training and channeling men. Egwene shows Elayne that she already learned some things. When Elayne embraces the Source, Egwene sees the glow around a channeling woman for the first time. Then Elayne takes the conversation to Rand and Egwene finally realizes that she is the Daughter-Heir of Andor and that Rand didn't make the story about meeting her up. The Mistress of Novices told Elayne not the mention that and the conversation turns to Sheriam for a bit. Elayne takes them back to Rand a bit later though and Egwene feels a stab of jealousy at that. She tells Elayne the last time she has seen him he was in the company of a group of Shienaran soldiers. Elayne tells Egwene her mother's Aes Sedai advisor, Elaida of the Red Ajah, was very interested in him and is still looking for him. Egwene is alarmed at this news, a Red looking for a man who can channel! Elayne assures her that she wouldn't tell Elaida even if she knew where he was.

There are two other girls in the Tower who have met Rand. Egwene thinks that Rand is meeting a lot of girls on the road lately. Elayne takes her to meet one of them. On the way they meet the gentled false Dragon Logain accompanied by a couple of Accepted. He is a sorry sight and Egwene hopes Rand won't end up like that. The girl Elayne wants Egwene to meet turns out to be Min. Egwene remembers her from their brief stay in Baerlon. It turns out Min was 'invited' to come to the White Tower so the Aes Sedai could study her talent. Min sees images around people of things in their future. It turns out it doesn't have anything to do with the One Power. She sees a white flame around Egwene, for instance, but doesn't know what it means.

Before they can discuss Min's viewings further, Gawyn and Galad, Elayne's brothers, join the conversation. They are training with the Warders while Elayne is in the White Tower. Egwene thinks Galad is very beautiful and Min, Elayne and Gawyn watch somewhat amused as Galad asks her if he can meet her again if their duties allow it. Egwene manages a 'that would be nice" before he departs. Elayne is not impressed with her brother at all, much to Gawyn's amusement. Although he agrees that Galad takes being good just a bit too far.

Elayne tells Gawyn that Egwene is from the same village as Rand. Gawyn thinks Rand is a very unusual man. He manages to touch people's lives so much that Gawyn almost thinks he is a ta'veren. He has also noted Elaida's interest in Rand. At that point Egwene decides she needs some friends in the Tower and that Min and Elayne would do wonderfully. A surprised Gawyn watches as the three girls hug each other. Min doesn't know what most of her viewings mean but she is sure the three of them are tied to each other somehow.

Gawyn spots Elaida coming their way. He thinks this is a good moment to leave. Elayne tries to introduce Egwene to her but Elaida reminds Elayne that they are not at her Mother's court and that she is not to speak unless spoken to. She dismisses Egwene and Elayne and tells Elayne to visit Sheriam for punishment. She wants to talk to Min alone.

Min's Point of View:

Setting: The White Tower

Characters: Min, Elaida

Elaida is very thorough in her interrogation of Min, but despite that, Min manages to tell Elaida she doesn't know who Rand is. She is not very pleased with Moiraine for having her dragged to Tar Valon though, she wants to leave the first chance she gets.


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.

Visions and Prophecies

Min's Viewings
  • Elayne will share her husband with two other women

These are probably Min and Aviendha, though Min always says she didn't know if Rand would ever return her feelings.

  • Elayne is connected to the Rose Crown of Andor
  • For Elayne, a severed hand, not hers

It had been thought that this might be Rand as other information suggested he might lose a hand, but his hand was destroyed by fire, not severed. A later vision Min has of an onyx glove could be related.

  • A white flame for Egwene

This was probably a reference to her being Amyrlin Seat. It is unlikely to refer to her being Aes Sedai as she was never Aes Sedai without being Amyrlin.


How did Elaida know about Min?

Character Development


Notices Rand has been moving people like ‘’ta’veren’’, but does not realise he could be one.

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