The Great Hunt: Chapter 4

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

Horn of Valere Chapter Icon.png


Chapter Icon: The Horn of Valere

Point of View: Moiraine

Characters: Moiraine, Anaiya, Liandrin, Lady Amalisa, Leane, Siuan

Setting: The Fal Dara Keep


Moiraine speaks with the Aes Sedai who have arrived.


Moiraine is in the women's apartments, adjusting her blue-fringed shawl about her shoulders. She is wondering why the Amyrlin Seat has arrived in person. As she finishes readying herself, she hears a knock on her door. When she opens it, two Aes Sedai stand at the door; Anaiya of the Blue Ajah, and Liandrin of the Red. Anaiya and Moiraine greet each other as old friends, but Liandrin acts coldly, telling Moiraine that the Amyrlin Seat requires her presence.

They begin to make their way through the corridors, and Liandrin tells Moiraine that three false Dragons have surfaced - one in Saldaea, one in Murandy and one in Tear, though only the one in Saldaea can actually channel. As they continue to walk, they run into the Lady Amalisa. She curtsies, and Moiraine tells her to rise, greeting her warmly. As they talk, Moiraine notices Egwene hurrying around a corner with a stooped figure following behind her. When she turns her attention back to the other three women, she is just in time to catch Liandrin accepting an invitation to tea from Amalisa. This causes her to wonder what Liandrin is up to, as the Red sister doesn't often make friends outside of her Ajah, and never makes friends who are not Aes Sedai.

After Amalisa leaves, the talk turns to Andor. Moiraine is told that Morgase doesn't hold her throne as securely as the year before, but that there is also good news: the Daughter Heir is in Tar Valon. The conversation shifts once again, this time to the Great Hunt of the Horn, which has been called in Illian. Many people believe that the Last Battle is coming; the Sea Folk are agitated, and the Aiel appear to be stirring. Liandrin then mentions Almoth Plain, and Anaiya insists that it is simply a rumor. The rumor is that there may be fighting on Almoth Plain, and perhaps Toman Head as well. Moiraine and Anaiya speak shortly about this, and Liandrin finally gets impatient. She tells Moiraine that the Amyrlin is waiting for her, and mentions that, "for you, the Amyrlin will have no idle talk."

They finally reach the anteroom, and are greeted by several more Aes Sedai. Verin Mathwin, Serafelle, Alanna Mosvani and Carlinya are among them. Leane, the Keeper of the Chronicles, enters and leads Moiraine into the next room, where the Amyrlin Seat awaits. Moiraine and Siuan greet each other formally, and Siuan speaks of their journey to Fal Dara. Moiraine goes on to tell Siuan that she has two girls who can channel with her. Siuan then mentions that she has heard that Moiraine is 'meddling' with a young man who is ta'veren, and that Elaida has approached the Hall of the Tower about this, wanting to see Moiraine punished. Moiraine admits that she has found three ta'veren.

The conversation turns to talk of change, of how new alliances are being formed within the White Tower, and of how Aes Sedai are now daring to go against thousands of years of custom and law. Finally, Siuan asks Leane to leave so that she and Moiraine can talk in private. When the Keeper leaves, Siuan wards the room, and then she and Moiraine embrace. They speak of how they have a duty that must be fulfilled, and the chapter ends with Siuan saying, "Moiraine, if anyone, even Leane, discovers what we plan, we will both be stilled. And I can't say they would be wrong to do it."



What did Moiraine mean “I will leave the Hall of the Tower to you, Anaiya”?
What is the Coramoor?

The Coramoor is someone the Sea Folk are searching for, but we do not know why


First Mention

Anaiya, Liandrin, Verin, Serafelle, Carlinya, Alanna, Maigan, Taim (not by name)

First Appearance

Anaiya, Liandrin, Verin, Serafelle, Carlinya, Alanna


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


What did Moiraine mean “I will leave the Hall of the Tower to you, Anaiya”?

Anaiya is not in the Hall, and though fairly strong, not strong enough to have much influence.

What is the Coramoor?

The Coramoor is the Prophecised one of the Sea Folk, with whom they are to have a Bargain to give them the seas of the world. It is also Rand

Which Green proposed sending Moiraine to a retreat?
Which two Whites and Greens claimed sending two Blues would give the Blues too much influence?

Given that Seaine proposed raising Siuan and wasn't involved in later deposing her, the Whites would likely be Saroiya and Velina. The Greens are less certain, but as Rubinde and Talene were later involved in the decision to Still her, they would be most likely.


  • Moiraine asks if any sister has been able to do a foretelling

This is a strange request. Elaida is the only one we know with the Talent, though there could be others. It is not something that can be done on demand, though we do later see that Tuon has a damane do a foretelling for her. Template:Forshadowing

  • Moiraine thinks Egwene will sit in the Amyrlin Seat one day.

It is a little surprising, given that Suian can be expected to live at least another 200 years.


  • Anaiya claims Taim has not had time to attract many followers. He must do so quickly as he is captured just a few months later, but has already caused a great deal of damage in Saldaea in that time.
  • Suian says she was only one vote from not being allowed to go. Assuming this would have been the lesser consensus, it would be 13 votes for and 8 votes against. Three would be Blues, so it seems only 5 of the non blues were on her side here

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