The Great Hunt: Chapter 48

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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First Claiming

Chapter Icon: Dragon's Fang

Point of views: Min, Jaret Byar


Min keeps Rand warm. Lanfear tells her Rand is hers (Lanfear's).


Min's Point of View:

Setting: Falme

Characters: Min, Rand, Egwene, Lanfear;

Min wanders around Falme, searching for Elayne, Egwene and Nynaeve. She sees Birgitte shoot an arrow at a Seanchan ship, and also recalls seeing Artur Hawkwing. She continues to wander around, and finds Rand in the garden of a tall stone building.

Rand is unconscious. Min moves towards him, and rids him of his half-melted sword. She notices that the heron on the hilt of the sword has branded itself onto Rand's palm. She checks to see how bad his injuries are, and upon lifting up his shirt, finds a wound burned into his side, cauterized, but his flesh has the feel of ice.

Min begins to drag Rand towards the building and into a small bedroom. She places him on a bed, and climbs under the blankets in an attempt to warm him with her body heat. While he is unconscious, she talks aloud to him about her feelings for him.

Egwene arrives and finds the two of them. Min and Egwene talk about Rand. "Min, you do know that he cannot marry. He isn' any of us, Min." Min replies with, "Speak for yourself. It's like Elayne said. You tossed him aside for the White Tower. What should you care if I pick him up?" After this, Egwene is silent for awhile, and then leaves to find Nynaeve. Min continues to talk to Rand.

Lanfear arrives. She moves over to Rand, and smoothes Rand's hair. "He doesn't believe yet, I think. He knows, but he does not believe. I have guided his steps, pushed him, pulled him, enticed him. He was always stubborn, but this time I will shape him. Ishamael thinks he controls events, but I do." She then tells Min that Rand (though she calls him Lews Therin) was and is hers, and leaves.

Byar's Point of View:

Setting:Outside Falme

Characters: Jaret Byar.

Jaret Byar is riding hard for Amadicia to relay the events of the battle to Pedron Niall. He thinks that the death of Lord Captain Geofram Bornhald and the legion is the fault of Darkfriends.



Why isn’t Nynaeve drawn to Rand?

Elayne and Min both were but Ba’alzamon hadn’t counted them as being able to save Rand, unlike Nynaeve.

Fulfiled Prophecies
  • Rand gets his second Heron mark

Character Development

  • She is now sure she can't marry Rand


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By this point, it is absolutely clear that Selene is Lanfear

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