The Path of Daggers: Chapter 22

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Author: Val a'Shain

A'dam Chapter Icon.png

Gathering Clouds

Chapter Icon: a'dam

Points of view: Rand, Assid Bakuun


An assassin tries to kill Rand who is sick from trying to get hold of the source. The Seanchan spot Rand's army.


Rand's Point of View:

Setting: the Venir Mountains, Altara

Characters: Assid Bakuun

Finally ready to move Rand takes his force, about six thousand in total into Altara. Not nearly enough according to some. Most of them haven't seen the Asha'man at Dumai's Wells though. Right before they leave, Lady Ailil protests about having to go on this expedition. It is no place for a woman she seems to think. Rand is so surprised he loses the Source. A dangerous thing to do. He offers her sanctuary in the Black Tower. On second thought, Lady Ailil decides to join anyway.

Bashere finds Rand soon after he goes through a gateway. He seems to think Rand is being careless. Bashere is in trouble with his Queen for following the Dragon to begin with, following a dead Dragon would be really bad. Rand answers he doesn't plan on dying before his time. Right then he sees an archer aiming at him. He tries to get hold of the source but the sickness takes him and before his vision clears enough to channel the archer looses the arrow. He only just misses and is taken down by one of the Asha'man. Rand empties his stomach and lets go of the Source again. The sickness is getting worse.

The assassin turns out to be Eagan Padros, an Illianer. He is dead so his motives remain unclear. He carries Tar Valon gold but that doesn't prove much. One of the Asha'man reports the Seanchan have been located. It is time to move.

Assid Bakuun's Point of View:

Setting: the Venir Mountains, Altara

Characters: Assid Bakuun

Assid Bakuun curses the fate that sent him into these mountains. He has over five hundred men under his command. Most of them Taraboners. People are strange on this side of the Aryth Ocean. Passing by the sul'dam's tent he inquires again if their damane is doing well. The sul'dam assures him she is doing fine but Bakuun has his doubts. Ever since the Aes Sedai unleashed their weapon near Ebou Dar there have been rumours all damane are sick.

Bakuun spots a raken in the air dropping off a scouting report. He hurries to the site to find out what it says. A large force has penetrated into the mountains and is ten miles east of him. How did such a large group manage to get so close without being spotted? His First Lieutenant seems convinced that with the damane they can defeat the force. But what if they have Aes Sedai? Bakuun knows his position is very well defendable with the damane but still... He gives orders to move the camp.

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