The Shadow Rising: Chapter 40

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

Trolloc Chapter Icon.png

Hunter of Trollocs

Chapter Icon: Trolloc Skull and Fist

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: The Two Rivers

Characters: Perrin, Dannil, Faile, Kenley Ahan, Luc, Wil al'Seen, Gaul, Chiad, Bain, Bili al'Dai, Teven Marwin, Ban al'Seen, Ihvon


After six days and many Trollocs killed, Perrin and the Two Rivers young men are ambushed by a group of Trollocs and a Myrdraal.


Perrin is visiting his family's graves. As he sits on the ground, he counts his arrows, as if anticipating the murder of the people who killed his family.

Dannil Lewin appears, and announces that Faile and Luc are there to see him. When he meets with Faile, she tells him that everyone is safely in Emond's Field. She also informs him that "Alanna vanished twice without a word, once alone. Loial said Ihvon seemed surprised to find her gone. He said I wasn't to let anyone else know." Perrin isn't sure that he can trust her, or Verin. Faile then tells him that hundreds of people have flocked to Emond's Field due to his warnings and that "there will be stories about you in the Two Rivers for the next thousand years. Perrin Goldeneyes, hunter of Trollocs."

Perrin ponders over what has happened in the past few days. He and the Two River's lads have been hunting Trollocs; twice, they had ambushed Trolloc camps, the first containing thirty-two Trollocs, the second forty-one and a Fade.

When they join Luc, he is talking to the Two Rivers men and boys, and Wil al'Seen tells Perrin that Luc says they should all go back to Emond's Field. "We've not smelled a Trolloc in days. Be reasonable, Perrin. Maybe we've killed them all already." Perrin tells them that they can go home if they want, but that he will not go home. All of the others decide to stay, as well.

Around this time, Gaul, Bain and Chiad appear. Gaul tells Perrin that they have found more Trollocs, and that they are moving through the Waterwood to the south. He says that there are no more than thirty. Perrin goads Wil, asking if he will go to Emond's Field while the Trollocs have their supper. Wil is angry at this; "I will be wherever you are tonight, Aybara." Luc, however, says that the defenses of Emond's Field will need him and that he will not stay to fight Trollocs. When he asks if Faile will be joining him, she tells him that she will stay with Perrin.

While they ride, Faile remarks to Perrin that it seems like he does not trust Luc. He replies with "I trust you and my bow and my axe." They ride for two hours, before coming to a stop. They wait for over an hour until the Trollocs finally reach them, attacking from behind. The Two Rivers men engage in battle with the Trollocs, and Perrin fights for revenge for the death of his family. As the battle progresses, it seems that the Perrin's small army is not faring as well as they had hoped. As he fights, Perrin takes an arrow wound in his side. He shouts out for Faile, hoping that she is still alive, and hearing this, the Myrddraal taunts him. "Faile? Your Faile - was delicious." Perrin attacks with renewed frenzy, but slips in the mud.

As the Two Rivers men start to seriously lose the battle, Ihvon suddenly appears, saying that Alanna sent him to find them. He is just in time to save Perrin's life. Perrin calls out once again to rally his men, and those who are alive make their way towards him, including Faile. Perrin is devastated when he learns that twenty-seven of his men were killed.

Finally, they all move on. The group walks and stumbles forward, and eventually Ihvon suggests that they find a farm in which to shelter for the night. As they ride on in search of shelter, Perrin hears faint strains of music in the distance.

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