Towers of Midnight: Chapter 1

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Apples First

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Point of View: Almen Bunt

Setting: The foot of Dragonmount

Characters: Almen Bunt, Adim, Hahn, Moor, Rand, Uso


Rand returns from Dragonmount and trees bloom around him.


Almen and Adim survey the apple trees in Adim's mother's orchard. The apples on the trees had shrivelled and fallen overnight, the entire crop ruined. He sends Adim and his brother to fetch a couple of farm hands, to sort through the apples and see if any can be salvaged. He slumps down, feeling defeated until he feels a warmth on his back and looks around to see sunlight breaking through the clouds. He smells apple blossoms and turns to see the trees, which are flowering against all reason, the shrivelled apples on the ground melting away to nothing.

He hears a sound and turns, to see Rand, who tells him he is no longer lost, though Almen doesn't understand. Rand tells him to collect the apples, and he notices that the trees are no longer blooming, but have a fresh apple crop. He tells Almen that whatever is gathered now should be safe from "his" touch. Almen remembers the time he gave Rand and Mat a ride to Caemlyn and realises Rand is the Dragon Reborn. Rand leaves, saying he has something to do and as he goes, Almen imagines he can see a lightness to the air around him. Almen rushes back to the house, telling the farmhands to gather the apples quickly. He feels a pull, tugging him in the direction Rand went.


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Why do the trees give fresh fruit?

Is Rand having a positive effect on the world, or is he merely negating what the Dark One is doing? Or something else?

Who is Rand going to see?

Whoever it is, she will not like what he has to tell her.

Character Development


Rand is no longer dark. There is a lightness around him.


First Mention

Adim, Adrinne Bunt, Alysa, Graeger, Hahn, Moor, Uso

First Appearance

Adim, Hahn, Moor, Uso

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