A Crown of Swords: Chapter 30

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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The First Cup

Chapter Icon: A serpent twisted through a square

Points of View: Elayne, Moghedien


Elayne makes the other Aes Sedai realize she and Nynaeve are in charge. Moghedien spots Nynaeve and uses balefire in order to destroy her ship.


Elayne's Point of View:

Setting: Ebou Dar

Characters: Elayne, Merilille, Adeleas, Vandene, Careane, Sareitha, Pol

Elayne announces to Merilille, Adeleas, Vandene, Careane and Sareitha that the Bowl of the Winds has been found. Nalesean came with a message that "Mat had gone off shouting that he had found it, or something very like". Elayne cannot understand why the other Aes Sedai are so angry. Merilille tells her that she has endangered a secret that is sworn to the shawl. Vandene and Adeleas side with Merilille; Careane argues that Elayne "cannot be faulted for revealing a secret she did not know"; Sareitha argues that Tower law doesn't allow for mere excuses, and Careane ends up agreeing with her. Sareitha suggests that Elayne and Nynaeve be confined to the palace, given chores to do, and be given a firm dose of the slipper at regular intervals. Elayne is confused, and wonders aloud if this secret deals with the Kin. Merilille interrupts, and suggests passing sentence. The others agree.

Pol, Merilille's maid, has a letter for Elayne, who takes it before the other Aes Sedai can react. It is from Jaichim Carridin, saying that Morgase is alive and is currently a guest of Pedron Niall in Amador. Elayne is furious; she thinks that Carridin is lying and mocking her. She channels and burns the letter.

Merilille tells Elayne to release the Source because she was not given permission to channel. Elayne orders Pol to leave, and she does. Merilille demands to know what has gotten into her, and threatens to fetch a slipper immediately. Elayne is even more furious now, and intends for the others to recognize both Nynaeve and herself as Aes Sedai just as they recognize Egwene al'Vere as Amyrlin. Elayne informs the others that they will take their orders from her and Nynaeve now, and no one argues. Adeleas and Vandene proceed to tell Elayne about the Kin.

The Kin began during the Trolloc Wars. Runaways and those who were put out of the Tower would flee to Barashta, which is now Ebou Dar. Many would become Healers or Wisdoms. While the Kin always make sure to remain hidden, they will sometimes pass on word to Aes Sedai when a woman is found pretending to be Aes Sedai. The Kin help runaways, and it is because of this that the White Tower has never broken up the Kin; when a woman runs away, they know exactly where to look.

Adeleas and Vandene finish, and Elayne stands. She is surprised when the others follow suit. She is told that when another Aes Sedai stands above or is placed above others, other Aes Sedai will tend to follow her rather meekly. They all sit again, and Elayne proceeds to tell them what she knows of the Kin.

Moghedien's Point of View:

Setting: Ebou Dar

Characters: Moghedien, Nynaeve

Moghedien is being carried through the crowds of Ebou Dar on a sedan chair, near the docks, when she spots Nynaeve. Although Moridin's instructions had been clear, she decides that a slight delay will not hurt. Moghedien hurries into a nearby inn and goes up to the roof. She balefires the ship on which Nynaeve is aboard before running back to her sedan chair.

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