Abell Cauthon (TV Series)

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Book TV show
Christopher Sciueref playing Abell Cauthon in the Wheel of Time TV series
Abell Cauthon
Nationality Andor
Social Status Horse Trader
Family Mat, Bode, Eldrin
First Appearance Episode 1
Actor Christopher Sciueref

Pronunciation: AH-BELL CAW-thon


Abell is the husband of Natti and the father of Mat, Bode, and Eldrin Cauthon. He is from the Two Rivers.

Abell is shown as not a very attentive father and husband and for this he is judged by Mat.


Abell is of a middle age, with long graying hair.


Season 1

Abell is seen by his wife and son talking to a woman from the village, supposedly in a romantic way, on Winternight.

On Bel Tine Abell and his family light candles in paper lanterns and let them flow down the river, as is the tradition on that holiday. During the Trolloc attack Abell and Natti hide in one of the barns. In the morning he is happy that his children are still alive, but he did not do anything to take care of them, which earns him a scolding look from Mat.

He stands with his wife and daughters, while Mat leaves Emond's Field with Moiraine.

Deviation from the Books

This section contains spoilers relating to The Books. Please expand to view.

In The Wheel of Time Book Series Abell Cauthon is nothing like he is presented in the TV series. Mat's father is a person who is very honest and smart, a very good horse trader, archer, and fights well with a quarterstaff. His daughters and wife are very important to him and he even risks his life to save them at one point (The Shadow Rising).