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The Aiel Prophecies told the Aiel several things about their role under the Car'a'carn, namely that he would "take them back to what was theirs", he shall save a "remnant of a remnant", that without him, none of their people would survive the Last Battle and that they will "be changed, and find again what was theirs, and what was lost." What this means is yet to be ascertained.

When Aviendha passed through the Glass Columns in Rhuidean for a second time, she saw a series of visions of the future, through the eyes of her descendants. She believed this to be the true future and not just a possible future (ToM, Ch. 48, Ch. 49). It is not known if this future can be averted.


The Last Battle

The Aiel fight in the Last Battle. Rand bows to the Seanchan Empress and is able to get them and the nations of the Wetlands to agree to a peace. The Aiel are excluded from this peace, but keep to it.

Seventeen years after the Last Battle

The Aiel, other than the Shaido have settled in Arad Doman and become restless. They feel Rand has abandoned them. They have tried to negotiate with the Seanchan for the return of the Wise Ones taken as damane but have had no success. The Seanchan have been scouting them and one of them kills a patrol. They decide they have waited long enough and decide to war against the Seanchan.

Sixty years after the Last Battle

After forty years of war, it has become clear the Aiel are losing and Rhuidean is besieged. They persuade the Andorans to enter the war, in the expectation that this will draw the other nations in.

Eighty to a hundred years after the Last Battle

At some point, Andor falls and the Seanchan gain access to their war machines. Twenty years after this, the Aiel defeat is imminent. Only five clans remain including the Goshien, Miagoma and Taardad. The Shiande and Daryne are no more. Only three clan chiefs remain and Rhuidean has recently fallen, leaving them with no way of naming a new chief. Of the Council of Twenty Two, only five remain. They decide to retreat to the Waste in the hope that they can build up again.

Further in the future

The retreat to the Waste fails. The Clans are broken and the Aiel exist in small isolated Holds. The Seanchan break these when they discover them. A few men try to cling to what they know of ji'e'toh but most are no longer interested.

Two generations later, and the surviving Aiel live in family groups, begging for food from wetlanders when they find them.

Some time later, the Aiel are scavengers and killers of sleeping men, regarded as vermin by the Seanchan.


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