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Book TV show

Author: Ilverin Matriam

Aram is one of the supporting characters in the book and television series The Wheel of Time. In the TV show, Aram is played by the actor Daryl McCormack].

WARNING! The next sections contain spoilers for the Wheel of Time television series.


Aram is a young man from the Tuatha'an, the Traveling People. He is the grandson of Ila and Raen.

His mother died years ago, killed by unknown men.


Aram is of dark skin and hair, and has big green eyes. His hair is still short, but he has already braided it in small braids.

Aram wears colorful clothes, layered with a gray cloak.


As one of the Tuatha'an, Aram believes in and follows the Way of the Leaf. However, he does not believe that the Song that his people are searching for, even exists.


Season 1

In Episode 3 Aram is one of the group of Tinkers to meet Egwene and Perrin. He helps supply the traditional words for an answer to the question - Do you know the song, after his grandmother, Ila asks them. Later, Aram helps Egwene and Perrin settle down around the fire and explains to them that the Traveling People's reputation is to steal gold and children. He is surprised that they haven't heard of the Tinkers.

In Episode 4 Aram proposes to Egwene and Perrin that they join the caravan heading east towards Tar Valon. He is skeptical when they tell him they are from Whitebridge, he thinks they are from a village in the Mountains of Mist.

During one evening Aram dances with Egwene around the fires. Aram explains to Egwene about the Song - supposedly in the previous Age their ancestors knew a song that brings harmony to the world, so they are in search of it now, so that their people will live in peace again. He also tells Egwene that the young Traveling People leave the wagons for a while, to see the world and see what they would choose. Some of them do not return, and some even pick up arms.

In Episode 5 Aram tells Perrin that violence is in all of us, and that the Way of the Leaf is about accepting that.

When the Tuatha'an's caravan is met by Whitecloaks just outside Tar Valon, Aram tries to help Perrin and Egwene run away, but is instead hurled back by a Whitecloak horse and falls unconcious.

Quotes by Aram

"Leaf doesn't fight the wind, sometimes the winds blows away from the tree".