Children of the Light (TV Series)

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The Children of the Light are an organization that deals with hunting creatures of the Dark One and also judge those people who do not follow the Light. According to some of them, the Children hold sway in all lands where men walk in the Light.

The Children of the Light consider Aes Sedai to be Darkfriends and monsters. This stems from the Aes Sedai using the One Power, the power that destroyed the world 3000 years ago. In their minds, no man or woman has the right of so much power.

The banner of the Children of the Light is a golden sun burst on white.


The Children of the Light are sometimes called Whitecloaks by the general public, because of their white uniforms and white cloaks.

On their left shoulder, each soldier wears a white leather pauldron with a decorative sun burst. The higher officers have a golden colored pauldron. The Questioners differ from the rest by their silver colored pauldrons.


A part of the Children of the Light, who believe they have a higher purpose under the Light, are called Questioners. The Questioners use certain methods to extract information. They are known to have tortured and killed Aes Sedai just because they are Aes Sedai (S1E2).


Known members of the Children of the Light: