Daise Congar (TV Series)

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Book TV show

Pronunciation: DAYS COHN-gahr

Daise Congar is a minor character in the book and television series The Wheel of Time. In the TV show, Daise is played by the British actress Mandi Symonds.


Daise Congar is an older woman from Emond's Field. She is part of the Women's Circle in the village.


Daise is short and plump, older woman, but her hair has not greied out yet. She has light complexion, light eyes and dark hair.


Daise seems to be getting along with the rest of the Two Rivers people, drinking together in the inn. However, she is also fierce and ready to defend her people.


Season 1

Daise is very happy after Egwene's ceremony and welcomes her as one of the women, letting her have a drink with the rest of them at the Winespring Inn.

During the Trolloc attack on Bel Tine, Daise is one who attacks a Trolloc back with a pitch fork. She survives that night.