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Dana appears as a character in the television series The Wheel of Time TV Series. She is played by Izuka Hoyle.

WARNING! The next sections contain spoilers for the Wheel of Time television series.


Dana is the innkeeper of the The Four Kings inn in Breen's Spring. She is from Andor, born as a poor child, who grew up wanting to be away from the poor life.

She has never traveled, but she really wants to see the world and to start over in a new place, where no one knows her and she can be whatever she wants.


Dana is a short young woman, with dark curly hair and light-colored eyes. She also has a nose ring and multiple earrings. Dana also wears multiple rings on both hands.


Season 1

Dana is at the Four Kings inn when Rand and Mat arrive at Breen's Spring. She serves them drinks, but they tell her they only have money for food. She let's them work for their supper and bed at her inn - Rand is splitting wood and Mat is serving tables.

She asks many questions of both Mat and Rand - where they are from, where they are going, and after Rand turns her down for a kiss, she reveals herself as Darkfriend. She says that the Dark One is looking for the Dragon, she believes that the Dragon can help break the Wheel and end suffering, wars and killing.

In the end, Dana is killed by Thom Merrilin.


"If you don't think I drink on the job, then you have sorely midjudged me."

"And you can't outrun a Fade."