Department of Online Events (History)

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The Department of Online Events was created in early 2022 when the Department of Community Outreach was split into two separate departments. Game Masters, the Online Events Coordinator (previously called Outreach Activities Coordinator), and the Online Events Team (previously called Outreach Activities Team) were transferred into Online Events.


The Department was established in early March, with Aintza Bisera as its first Director. Later in the month Alora Sionn and Hal Bahalla were hired to replace Aintza and Thaddius al'Guy as Game Masters.

In May, Leala ni al'Dareis t'al'Caleum replaced Faeril Munlear as Online Events Coordinator.

In September, Alora and Jocasta Braithe stepped down as Game Masters, and were replaced with Alexr al'Petros.

In October, Aintza stepped down as Director, and Nadezhda al'Lanahrin was hired to lead the department.