Eamon Valda (TV Series)

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Book TV show
Abdul Salis playing Eamon Valda in The Wheel of Time television series
Eamon Valda
Affiliation Children of the Light
Social Status
First Appearance Episode 2
Actor Abdul Salis

Author: Ilverin Matriam

WARNING! The next sections contain spoilers for the Wheel of Time television series.


Eamon Valda is a Questioner from the organization Children of the Light. Valda's purpose, as any Whitecloak's, is to spread the Light and bring justice to those who do not follow it.

He is not necessarily a soldier like the regular Children, but instead claims that, as a Questioner, he has a higher purpose.

He is good with faces and recognizes someone, whom he has only seen once.


Valda is of average height. He is dark skinned and has dark hair and eyes. He is usually dressed in white clothing, a typical uniform for the Children of the Light.


Valda is a very dedicated follower of the Children's philosophy. He would do anything to capture Darkfriends, and considers Aes Sedai evil for using the One Power. He can even brutally torture an kill one. (Ep.2)


Season 1

Eamon Valda has captured an Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah and is keeping her at the camp of the Children of the Light. There, he burns the Aes Sedai, while telling her that it is mercy. He collects her great serpent ring and adds it to more of the same that hang on a chain at his belt.

On their way to Whitebridge, Valda, accompanying Geofram Bornhald, meets Moiraine, Lan, and the Two Rivers youths. He questions them, but Bornhald decides to release them and chase after the Trollocs. Valda then takes a contingent of the Children and heads south.

After a month, Eamon Valda leads a contingent of the Children next to Tar Valon, where he meets the Tuatha'an caravan and recognizes Egwene and Perrin who travel with them. He has them captured and later tortured.

He gives Egwene to choice to channel, and then she would get killed, or not channel, and then Perrin would get killed. In the evening when he comes back to check up on them, Egwene channels and releases Perrin from his bonds. Valda is surprised by Perrin, which gives Egwene the opportunity to get his knife and stab him in the neck.


"The Light is always with you. It needs no instruction."