Fal Dara (TV Series)

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Book TV show

Author: Imzadi Hopewind

WARNING! The next sections contain spoilers for the Wheel of Time television series.


Fal Dara is a city in the country of Shienar which lies in the Borderlands. Fal Dara is a city that is also a fortress. It lies near Tarwin's Gap, and further out is the Blight.

  • Appearance - Episode 7 and 8 in season 1.

City Lay Out and Buildings

  • Fal Dara Waygate - It lay just outside the city. In the middle of a vast plain of stones and dirt.
  • Fal Dara Palace - Where Lord Agelmar rules with all of his warriors.
  • Min's Bar - A bar in the city, where Min works. A smoky, run-down watering hole filled with drunk, loud, working-class residents of Fal Dara.

People and customs

A militaristic and uncommonly patriarchal city, the Shienaran city of Fal Dara is known for the ferocity of its warriors. Fal Dara's keep is more a fortress than it is a palace, built for strength more than beauty.

People we meet in Fal Dara:

  • Lord Agelmar - Lord of Fal Dara
  • Lady Amalisa - Sister of Lord Agelmar, also trained in the White Tower and know a little how to use the Power.
  • Uno Nomesta - A soldier that swears a lot.
  • Lord Yakota - A soldier
  • Min Farshaw - Run a bar in Fal Dara. She also see pictures in the people's aura.
  • Zahir - Foster father of Lan, a Malkier soldier that run away with Lan when he was a baby when Malkier was overrun by the Blight.


  • Lan grew up in Fal Dara after escaping Malkier.
  • The Horn of Valere was hidden in the city.