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Author: Erin al'Denael

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Where should you go if you are lost or confused about something, and cannot find your answer? Most people head over to our Ask the White Tower forum - and you should too!

I'm lost! Where can I go for help? At times, you will have a question and just not be able to find the answer. You might have read through all the stickies within a forum and not found your answer. You might have combed the Membership Manual for hours and continually come up blank. If you ever find yourself in that situation, do not despair! Head over to Ask the White Tower and ask your question there.

What kinds of questions are posed in the forum? I dug through the posts within the forum for the past year, and tallied up how many user posted inquiries were made. Then I divided them up by department, as that seemed a natural enough way to do it. So if a question was about how to use a feature in vBulletin, I counted it as a Department of Technology question. If it was a question about the scholarship, I counted it as a Department of Community Outreach question. And here's what I found:


An overwhelming number of questions were for Technology, followed by Research and Records. There were a smattering of questions for other departments as well, but they were low in number.

Who answers these questions? If you notice, this forum is moderated by the Executive team and the Department of Membership. Considering the questions asked within, I am puzzled as to why the Department of Membership is listed. That said, questions tend to be answered by whomever has the answer - and I think this is pretty cool! The community as a whole is very supportive, and if you have a question, you will be sure to get an answer expediently. :-)

In conclusion, the Ask the White Tower forum is the place for you to go if you have a question and cannot find the answer somewhere else. If you post, others can and will see your question, and they can and will answer it if possible! Plus, when you post your question, others can see it too. Perhaps you are asking a question that someone else had, but they didn't post about it. Or perhaps your question will give another person greater insight into some aspect of the community. Don't be scared or shy! If you have a question, and cannot find the answer, ask. :-)

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