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Frequently Asked Questions
Q What is TarValon.Net?

A: The White Tower is an unofficial Wheel of Time fanclub, run for and by its members. We are not an RPG site, although we do use character names and fantasy artwork.

Q What exactly do you all do here?

A: Mainly, we are a group of people who have joined together because of a similar interest in the Wheel of Time. As such, we discuss the books, exchange theories and ideas, and in the process, make lots of new friends. While we use the structure of the White Tower in our administration, there is little if any role-playing. Beyond discussions, there are also occasional contests, online parties, and real life parties that we all enjoy.

Q Must I read the Tower Bylaws?

A: Only if you are planning on becoming a full member of this site. The Tower Law is essentially a charter detailing how we work, and will answer most questions before you think to ask them. The above information isn't enough if you actually plan to join.

Q Must I be a member to post here?

A: No, though you are very restricted in the forums you can post in if you are not a member. You are still bound by the rules regulating our interactions (in particular, the Code of Conduct), avatars, signatures, and pseudonyms. You are not allowed to claim any titles you have not earned via our raising system (Aes Sedai, Gaidin, Keeper, etc).

Q May I promote my Wheel of Time site here?

A: We have a Wheel of Time links index for anyone wishing to post their site with us. You will find the link on the Main page. If you wish to do more than this, please contact the Keeper of the Chronicles before posting anything promotional on our forums.

Q What kind of commitments must one make to join?

A:There is no commitment to join. If all you want to do is to have fun, you can be a Citizen (instead of joining the White Tower itself) and just post whenever you have time. For those wishing to make more of a commitment to the Tower, citizenship is the first step; after completing the requirements, you are eligible to join the Tower.

Q What makes this Wheel of Time site unique?

A: Our members pride themselves on the real friendships they gain through the community here. We host and encourage real life gatherings, the attendance for which has grown to dozens in the last year. We know each other as people, not faces behind computer screens, and our attitudes reflect that. We are a community, not an RPG.

Q What is your view on Spamming and Spam attacks?

A: We're flattered you think we're worth spamming, but we do not allow it. Spammers will be banned.

Q I see a bug with your site. How should I report it?

A: Please email

Q Why can't I log in at the site?

A: If you are trying to log in from the pages, you can't. Those accounts are separate from the message board ones and are reserved for people of the rank of novice/recruit or higher.

Q How do I access my email account?

A: You may access your email through If you think you should have an account but don't, please email the Director of Membership.

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