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Meirah Zaïde

I was taking a last look at the internet for the evening when I saw the news. I check Robert Jordan's blog every Sunday night, and I couldn't get to the Dragonmount site, so I checked I had the feeling then that something was wrong, because every time I check the blog, I would just hope not to see bad news... And when I saw the news, my heart just sank. I knew it was a possibility, but I hoped that it wouldn't happen for a long, long time.

Elarielle Mandellon

I was just checking the forums before bed to check on threads that I am participating in and I saw in the Tailor's Guild Quilt a message from Maddie about how now the quilt was an even better idea and then I looked at her sig and saw the memorial one. I then checked the news page and there it was. My partner and I couldn't believe it. It is so sad. I hope RJ is happy where ever he is. If you believe in the idea of creating your own heaven he may even be in the WoT world I like that thought.

Branwyn al'Leara

I was logging in this morning to check the boards and pms before work, and I saw the black draping the forum, I knew that something terrible had happened and I went to Site Announcements directly. I didn't even see this forum at the time. While reading Mother's post, I started sobbing and did so for a good 10 mins, my hubby came up and comforted me, and gave me a hug

Kyla Sterling

I was playing a game on the Playstation when Yelenia called me. After I hung up the phone, I went in and told Tinnlin, then called my mom and started crying.

Soujirô Tenken

I had just gotten home from work and was making myself a cup of coffee, when I got a text from Sa'areah, stating: "Did you hear about Robert Jordan?" I was in two minds. At first, I thought she'd heard about that little hoax about the 'last rites' that was going around (and which Wilson confirmed that it was a hoax, RJ was happy, alive and well as could be expected), but I began to suspect all was not well, as I knew Sa'areah would be certain to check her facts before telling me. Then a moment later, I got a call from her on my mobile (all the way from England to Australia, no less!) and was able to make out that he'd passed on. I didn't want to believe it and wanted her to hang up at that stage, as reception on my end was dodgy, it must be a hellishly expensive call and I'd talk to her online as soon as possible. I switched the desktop on and went straight to, and Wikipedia and read the details there. This left me truly stunned, as Wilson's previous blog post only a week before had assured us that he was well and fighting the good fight. It still seems far too sudden.

Twibli Abaru

I was checking the forums, and when I refreshed, I saw the new memorial forum. I felt like the bottom dropped out of my world. I went to the forum, read the first message, and started crying. My husband thought I was sick. I could barely tell him what had happened. I was in shock, and still am, I guess.

I will never forget this day.

Kitan Tataru

I checked the boards about 7:00 last night before the black drapes went up. And I was in shock. I went to bed and woke up at midnight and posted again, trying to process it. Then laid in bed, awake for four hours just thinking about RJ.

I miss him.

Damian McKinnon

I happened to be reading the boards of a completely unrelated game and someone mentioned it in passing. It was a good thing I was sitting down at the time. The floor almost gave way and my stomach felt like it does in a coaster ride. I simply could not believe it. I came her to find out if it was true and found solace in the fact that so many others were talking about it. It was indeed a dark day today. I think even the Blight might have been quiet today. Truly sad.

Xaviara al'Nady

I'm on vacation in San Diego staying with my friend who went to Comic-Con and the Knife of Dreams booksigning with me. We were both shocked. I discovered it when I'd checked my friends page on Live Journal and read the news on George R.R. Martin's blog. It's odd, because earlier in the day my friend had told me about Wilson's "Rumors" post on RJ's blog on Dragonmount and I had pulled it up and read it because I had not seen it. It's as though RJ was in our thoughts at the time of his death and we only made the connection later. We just felt the rift in the universe.


I was at work covering for one of the girls while she was at lunch. It gave me a free moment to go on line and check out any new postings. When I saw the Memorial Post, my stomach churned. All I could think was , OMG!, OMG! This can't be true. I read on and on - all this time holding it together. Then one of my best friends/co-workers walked through the elevators and I lost it. I started to bawl and told her what happened. She has also read the series (thanks to me!) and we sat there for about ten minutes and comforted each other. Being an accountant and doing the math, I discovered that I have read over 40,000 pages in the Wheel of Time Series(including re-reads)/reading companions/online theories. RJ and The Series have, by far, been the greatest impact in my - ever.


I was looking at the wikipedia entry for AMOL when I read this horrible sentence. "The novel was incomplete as of the time of the author's death." I figured it was just a joke in bad taste. I checked RJ's Wiki entry anyway just to make sure. When I saw that it was true, I didn't cry, because I couldn't process the information. I needed to hear it again. So, I came here to Tar Valon and saw the Memorial Flash instead of the normal introduction. I then promptly balled my eyes out and hit the wall a few times.

I wish could have met the man before he woke from the dream.

Axis m'Troutilas

I was just browsing around like normal, checking out the usual threads and the like when I spotted the memorial forum at the top and I just stopped flat and the pen I was chewing on dropped out of my mouth.

I just couldn't believe it, it had to be some kind of sick joke.

Marrow Rahien

I was just wrapping up a long weekend of pure homework. I'd done my assigned reading for the next three weeks (and with 15 hours of 3000+ level history courses that's a lot of reading) so that I'd have time to study for tests and so that I would have some free time in case the Atlanta WoT folks were having any events over the upcoming weekends. Specifically I was reading Kathana's very long and happy live journal post about all the things going on where she lived, and then I scrolled up to her original very cryptic post about what was going on. A dark hunch and a little internet digging later, and I went a little mad with the text messages and phone calls to friends who were out and about. The rest of the day, to be honest, was a bit of a blur. But those moments, and Kathana's lil dragon LJ icons, are crystal clear in my mind.

Lando Al'rissian

I was playing World of Warcraft when my roommate gave me the news, my heart sunk and it felt like a brick was dropped on my stomach. I'm still really don't know what to say or think about this except my thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

Adina al'Mari

I was going thru email notifications, and started seeing the sig, so came out, and saw the new forum.

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Eleyan Teyal Al'Landerin

I was told over the phone. I knew it when the phone rang.

I went to work.

Right now there are not words for how I feel. So I will express it simply. There is work. I will do it.

Loira al'Ramoidra

I logged onto here before my first lesson started. I started crying, but had to leave for the sake of the lesson.

Haderach Hilm

I was getting into bed about to start reading a book and then my brother called me all the way from Australia to tell me. When we put the phone down I didn't know what to do. I knew I couldn't get to sleep so from my mobile phone I went on the internet to search for information on his death and the outcome of AMoL. I happened to stumble upon TV and found this forum. I spent the next four hours and about 4000yen reading through these pages. TV certainly seems to be the WoT headquarters on the internet.

What amazed me was almost everybody treasuring this website over the book series itself. That's what inspired me to sign up today at an internet cafe.

Jaric al'Baerlon

I just read it on another forum and immediately went to Dragonmount...I'm just speechless. Rest in peace, Mr. Jordan, and thank you so much for all the wonderful moments you gave us...

Badria Aidan

I hadn't slept a lot and when I woke up really early I went to the Computer and opened the forums. When I read it I was shaken. I texted Berior Gaidin and told his brother who is not a member here but also read the books. Then I had to leave but I had the feeling as if everybody in the world should cry for the loss and I couldn't stand the happiness of other people around me that day..

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Marra Madore

I turned on my computer and a missed IM popped up from Qamra, my very close friend. She had sent it even though I wasn't on to break the news.

It was early in the morning, Monday and I just sat in shock before logging on here.

Asalyn al'Morin

I was reading a completely different book, and Skye was on the computer. She is the one who told me.

We were both devastated beyond words.

Riveille Anjeytal

I signed on to MSN this morning and happened to see Asalyn's and Sela's personal messages, then raced over here to get the news.

I was - and still am - shocked, to say the least. It's sad to think that the man who gave us this universe - and, in a way, gave us each other - is gone.

Jadar M'Blado

I was viewing, quickly scrolling through when I glanced "Robert Jordan" out of the corner of my eye and quickly scrolled back up. My first thought on seeing the name is that there was new information about the upcoming Memory of Light book. I was shocked to the point that I just starred at the article for over 5 minutes and then immediately picked up the phone and called my mother to tell her the news. Both of us have been in love with the Wheel of Time series since she bought me The Eye of the World years back. Robert Jordan, you will be missed.

Stasia t'Andrei

I was in the private Brown forums, just browsing around, when I noticed Sela's signature. I had a moment and wondered, "Where have I heard that name before?" Then I went back to the main index and saw the new forum and knew.

It was hard for me to post at all. But I made a memorial signature to express my feelings for people to use at other sites, and I had to post the information at Rebuilding the Towers.

He'll be sorely missed.

Sorcha Al'Verdan

I was just getting ready to start my Monday, and not really looking forward to it. I thought I'd procrastinate (as usual) by coming to and having some fun on the boards. When I saw the memorial forum, I stopped to make sure it wasn't a nightmare or April Fool's Day or something. Then I cried as I read the forums and all of the touching tributes to this great man. I shut the door to my office and pretended I was working all day as I sat and tried to cope with this loss, which no words can fully grasp the magnitude of.

Berior Alaeyn

I had just gone to bed two hours before it was announced (i.e. really late ), so when Tinnlin gave me a call (around 4.30 am ) I was not really realising what he was saying. When I woke a few hours later I only intended to post it on the German communities and go back to sleep again, but needless to say that I did not. I spent the whole morning reading here and on other boards and on LJ. I still have a hard time believing. I am not a person to cry, or feel heavy emotions, but reading how other people felt somehow hit the sadness home. I still get goosebumps when I read in this forum, or just when I see the design with the black curtains. Sometimes I just don't want to think of it, and close my browser again, just to come back and read more a moment later. There is an eerie atmosphere, but seeing everyone being there for each other and giving thoughts and prayers also warms my heart. I have the strange feeling that his passing somehow brought all of us a bit closer together...

Lyinar Seregon

I had been playing EVE Online and doing missions with my best friend most of the day Sunday and I logged off to go to bed.

I decided to get online instead of going to bed, and cyber-snuggle with someone that, well, I'm not sure exactly what our relationship is right now, but it's definitely a loving one. Just before I was going to say good night, she sent me a message saying, "Oh no, I just saw a headline you're not going to like." I asked what it was and when she posted the link to the main site here, I knew what had happened.

I didn't have any words to express what I felt, and I couldn't howl like I wanted to, because I'm currently living in an Extended Stay hotel, and the neighbors probably wouldn't like hearing a long and loud and mournful howl of grief and anger at 10:30PM on a Sunday night.

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Kezia al'Vael

I just joined this site today - I guess I was inspired because of his passing. I just happened to think of checking his blog this morning, which I do every few months and that is where I saw it. Very sad.

Estella Sharina Agadis

Badria Aidan wrote: I had the feeling as if everybody in the world should cry for the loss and I couldn't stand the happiness of other people around me that day..

I know what you mean.

I have auto-log in here, so I opened up a window to quickly check before going to the library. As usual, I looked at Site Announcements to see if there was any new posts, but strangely enough, there was no Site Announcements at the top of the page. For a fraction of a second, my mind couldn't understand why there was a new forum. Then it hit me, and in shock, I began to cry. The shock of learning of his death was, I think, magnified by the fact that I had spent some time on Sunday (I found out yesterday, on Monday morning) reading through the recent blog-posts. Everything seemed so fine, and then he's dead.

That being said, I asked my father how that could happen, since it seemed as if he was getting better. My father told me that sometimes, dying people will recover a little before they die.

Adolla Ceryia

I went to bed early last night so I wasn't online when they made the announcement. Robert called me from work Monday morning to tell me. I hung up with him and called my mom and cried for a good 15 minutes. Then I came down to the computer and sorta let it sink in. I'm still a bit in shock although I knew it was coming.

Tyeslan Al'Monhan

It hit me hard this morning. I'm teary eyed again.

I was getting ready to go to bed and shut down the computer while Roland finished his chapter in The Great Hunt and got on face book first and saw what Saki had as her title line and quickly came over to and saw it and started crying. I told Roland and we both sat here wrapped up together reading everything and letting it sink in.

Its still a shock. I'm glad he is in a better place though and that I have what I do from the books and his influence.

Joedram al'Floyd

My friend Tech known as Hatch here called me yesterday morning while I was on my way to work. I was driving. The radio was off. I was listening to the 5th audio book of Fires of Heaven.

Nyarin al'Batera

I'd been feeling bad all day, I'd fallen out totally and permanently with my best friend, and I'd logged on to the site to cheer myself up. I saw the draping on the site and something looked wrong but i couldn't figure what. Then i noticed the forums loading. i just sat there and stared at the screen, not even taking it in.

then i started to cry. It felt like i was losing everything important to me yesterday, like the world was ending.

I finally plucked up the courage to read the announcement. Then I came downstairs and told my mum. She thinks this site is a cult, so just left me to grieve. Then she helped me to find out a white outfit to wear today, in WoT style mourning.

~Thalya's Shendar~ Want a sig? Just PM me

Rit'koma Imorj

I was in a varsity lecture and decided to be sneaky and log straight onto the forums and catch up on some posts

Two minutes later I packed up and left for home

Thanks to this site, I was able to recover enough to function

Everyone: Thanks for making this site what it is

Draco Runner

September 17th. 7:01 AM

I stumbled out of bed early in the morning. It was cold, cloudy. Unusual for Southern California in the summer.

After turning the computer on, I logged onto a writer's group I frequent. Scanned the topics. Amongst the usual was this: R.I.P. Robert Jordan.

Thinking this was a cruel joke I passed it up, but got invariably drawn to it.

I clicked on it.

It was no joke.

Robert Jordan is dead.

I couldn't believe it. I still can't. After staring at the screen for a good thirty-four minutes...well, I don't remember much of that day. I guess I sort of drifted through the day, mindlessly, in a lifeless limbo.

Heaven itself seemed to grieve. It is still grieving. I'm grieving.

I was hesitant to register here, but then I thought to myself: "How dare I keep my silence when a great writer has just died? Shame on you!" So I registered today, to express my sorrow. But how? English is a vast, beautiful, wonderful language capable of expressing all of life's joys...but can it express life's sorrows? Maybe. Adequately? I find it difficult.

But I'll try by listing some choice words that sum up my feelings. Shock. Frustration. Confusion. Grief. Sorrow. Sympathy. Worry. Fear. The usual. How can I say what hasn't been said before?

I cannot believe it.

Robert Jordan is dead.

Sorry to sound so gloomy to all. What an introduction!

Eladrene Siana

I was on my way home yesterday from a friends house where I don't get any cell signal. When I finally was able to get signal I had a text from RandalRen saying that it had happened. I'm glad that I was alone in my car, because I just started crying. When I got home I had to call my WoT friends and relay the news to them. So so sad.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends in this tough time.

Sage Raynn

Late Sunday night i checked my e-mail, I had received one titled "May the last embrace of the mother welcome him home," I read the news, and went to bed. The next morning i had about 15 e-mails in my inbox and the moment i signed onto instant messengers people started asking me if i knew. I said i did, and started reading all of my e-mails. I was finally able to check the blog on DM and read that, then checked the realm, read the announcement there and the came here.

I called my brother that afternoon to tell him, and he was in a meeting and so he couldn't answer the phone, but he got my message and called me back later and we talked until i had to go to class.

I have been reading various forums off and on the last few days, it still hasn't really sunk in fully yet, but it's starting to. it seems so surreal. but i know it's true because everywhere is in mourning. I also heard about it on the WoW forums, but that was a different atmosphere than it is here and DM and the realm.

I should call my dad and make sure he knows...

Cordelia Narie

I was just surfing around the internet and opened my yahoo mail page. There it was, bold and terrible.

Mirshann Uuranor t'al'Theorem

I heard the news late Sunday afternoon. I had been out with my husband and his family and away from computer access all day. I started up the compy when I got home and is my homepage. I saw that Mother had posted in the Site Announcements so I went to see what she had had to say. I saw "Announcement: ROBERT JORDAN PASSES ON - 3pm EST" and thought "No. No no no. There must be some mistake." I had to look at the thread and pull up the link to Mr.Jordan's blog before it really clicked that this was for real.

I can't say that I had a really dramatic emotional reaction to the news. I guess I was just stunned, really. That coupled with real life demands have kept me from dwelling on things too heavily has kept me from breaking down. Little by little it sinks in though. And the more I think about it, the more I just want to cry.

What an incredible man. He will forever be sorely, sorely missed.

Melina Tashir

I was on the site all Sunday evening just got my compy but I went to bed before the announcement came. I didn't sleep well had a wierd dream about somebody calling for help or something. So I woke up Monday morning quite tired. Started my work and stuff. And around 12 pm I logged on I was waiting for Iteran to post siggy and PM me so I went on her thread and saw her black siggy and that the world is darker place. I didn't realise anything. I scrolled up and saw somebody's memorial siggy and on the top there were curtains. And I was like What... then I saw the forum blinked and read Mothers announcement. I was looking with my mouth open. I closed my computer and went to clean windows. And then it hit me what I saw I started to cry. And then I said it must be a joke or something. So I went on again and saw what people posted and I was crying more and more. I put memorial siggy I couldn't do anything else. I was working for next three hours thinking about RJ and his books and all people I met here. Then I logged on again and started reading and I've got PM then from Alena Sedai that I was summoned to do my Accepted test. And I was like What???? Now? She said it's like a tribute. I started crying again. The kid I am taking care of was hugging me and trying to calm me down. It was just so hard

it hurted so much and it still hurts like tousend knifes going through my heart.

Laia Caeren

Oh, goodness...

Well, I was at work. And it was already Tuesday! It was horrible, and I had so much work on Monday, I didn't check on the forums then...

This morning, though, I logged on and was completely shaken when noticing the black ribbons... I saw and felt RJ to be so positive, so full of life, so full of love and purpose, that though I knew this was coming, I never imagined it would come so soon... so much that I didn't even think of him at first (No way! RJ? Nah!).

I clicked on the announcements straightaway and oh! My insides froze, my throat closed up, my eyes began to tremble. This couldn't be! RJ! And since Sunday! Two whole days gone and I didn't know it...

Gone, but not gone. Here. With us.

I'm in the middle of a Shadow Rising re-re-re-read, and I can't help imagining him thinking on this word, or that one, or of putting this in or deciding against this phrase or that description... as if his train of thought while writing floats out of the page...

He lives in Rand, in Egwene, in Nynaeve. He lives in Lan, in Gareth, in Elayne. He laughs with Mat, shares stories with Tom, and fights alongside Moiraine. He loves through Harriet's heart and tells stories through all of us... all of us.

Let us all honor his memory. Always.

Katrin D'Aimon

I found out last night while I was searching for something else on a local news website, and I actually started yelling at my computer. Then I tried to call my husband, got no answer, and sent him a text message instead.

Keisha al'Benn

Monday morning I had about 15 minutes before I had to be at work so I thought I would pop in and check my PMs. Then I went to a light-hearted thread in the Warder and Hen and noticed everyone was somber and wearing the same signature block. Upon further investigation I discovered the truth and I immediately went into denial. I had no time to cry or even process because I had to go to work and pretend like all was well. As soon as I got home I threw some food at the kids for dinner and came here for hours to read, realize and respond to what had happened. I cannot believe how hard this is hitting me, I think I, as well as most of us, will all be a little different now. As someone said in a previous reply, I think we will all be closer now too. I had Gracienda Sedai over for coffee Tuesday morning and we promised to go to Anni this year together. I feel like flags should be flying at half-mast and we should all be wearing black arm-bands (or ones like the Aiel wore?). My husband said this must have been how Elvis fans felt when he died....perhaps we will all start making pilgramages to Charleston like Elvis fans go to Graceland!

Maddie Vitalia

I was sitting at home, doing what I usually do in the evening... sewing while lurking on the boards. My husband had a bunch of friends over to watch Unforgiven - a WWE wrestling pay-per-view. I was working on a dress for a friend and paused to refresh the board index page to see if anything new had happened while I was busy.

That's when I startled the daylights out of my husband and guests by shrieking "OH MY GOD - HE'S DEAD!!" when I saw the new forum.

My husband asked "who?"... and I sadly told him. I then immediately set to work reading the posts in the new forum. I also went into chat to find someone to talk to.


Devwyn Al'Treherne

Sunday night my two best friends and I who all were introduced to WoT together, read it together, played the RPG together etc. Were hanging out. I was surfing a website called 4chan when i saw one of their common "Good Night Sweet Prince" threads in which they post a picture of X celebrity and claim they are dead 99% of the time these are jokes. I turned to my friend Joe and said "Hey they posted a picture of RJ in a goodnight sweet prince thread" Usually these threads are posted by people who are fans of celebrities they target so we laughed because we were happy to find another WoT fan. then I said, "Well I guess I'll check..." and no sooner had I hit enter than TV popped up and it was there,staring me in the face at the top of the page. My friends were standing behind me all three of us uttered an "Oh my God" followed by several choice expletives.

We then stood up poured ourselves some more to drink (we were havin vodka night) stood in the middle of the living room in a circle and toasted RJ concluding with me saying "May the last embrace of the mother welcome him home." We called all of our friends that read WoT including the friend that first introduced us to it, then proceeded outside to finish our drinks smoke some cigars and talk about what an amazing man RJ was and how much he brought to our lives.

I moped about the rest of the evening and the next day but held it together until I was here on TV and read a post in which someone said (sorry I don't remember whom) "I'm glad he can finally put down his mountain." That's when it really hit me and i lost it.

Magdalenna t'Zai

I was at work, checking my email on Monday morning and got a message from my friend who is also a fan of the books (though not a member of TV), telling me the news. I sat and gaped, mouth wide open, at the screen for a good ten or more seconds while it sunk in.

I moved through the rest of the day in a sort of stupified, dazed state. I found it very hard to concentrate on any task set before me, and my mind was constantly wandering back to the fact that RJ was dead. I teared up a few times, but never actually made it to full-out crying, though there were moments where I had to push the emotion back for fear of crying in front of others.

Arifiladin Delian Al'tier

I too was at work on Monday when I went on the internet and the Comcast front page had an article about it. I was in a great mood at the time. That changed quick. I have not been shocked like that to many times that I can remember. I pray for his friends and family. He was so strong and I will always be thankful toward him for allowing me to be able to me such great people like I did at the con, To get interested in reading and for the great web sites where I met such great people. I still plan on meeting good people at Tarvalon. The story will never end with me I don't think.

Ciaran al'Trystan

I was here, I saw the black draperies and logged in right away. This Forum wasn't public at that point.

Looking for Group's writer Ryan Sohmer wrote it in his blog the next day. I think that helped the word get out in a lot of ways.

Great comic btw, if you need a pick me up, it's worth the effort.

Heard over the walkie at work: Is there an executive in the building other than Jon?

Shikyo Keibatsu

I think I was working on Brotherhood things and went by the site to go to the Forums. When I got on, I saw the banners and the news post. Considering I never met the man and I just now started reading the books and getting into the site, I was just sorry for his family. I didn't know much about him, just that he was ill.

Jana Baern

I was eating dinner and telling my mom about how the a'dam is like the guillotine. And she told me he had died. At first I thought she was kidding but then she handed me the obituary. I was shocked, I had thought he was doing much better. Then it hit me and I was just upset.

Valena Dalmere

I had just finished catching up for uni, and was heading to bed. I couldn't sleep there were too many things going on, too many things bothering me, so I decided to get back on and check to see how RJ was doing on his blog. I saw the memorial page on Dragonmount, but it didn't hit home immediately till I read the announcement. Then I sat back stunned and stared at my computer and then started crying. My best friend came over and made me tea and we talked. I am still at a loss for words, it still seems a bit surreal.


I was driving home from work today and my Mom called me to tell me. I was shocked, and in disbelief. I felt it was unfair that he was unable to finish the book. Not unfair to me as a reader, but unfair to him that he wasn't able to fully complete his work.

Kakanakala al'Kemal

I was sitting in Pizza Hut with a few of my closest friends none of which have read the series however they all know how much I love it, when John Al'Ramin texted me telling me that Robert Jordan had died. Luckily I was with my friends because I don't know how I would have dealt wit the news otherwise. I was able to get hugs from all of them and they understood and worked together to cheer me up.

Karn Al'caar

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling weird, I usually visit Dragonmount once month for updates, But I ended up there. I was I shocked when I read the news. The world seems a darker place now. I stared at my ceiling for hours trying to get back to sleep, the world definitely seems a darker place now.

Enya Tawarwaith

I had just finished a big test at school, and I was at the library trying to relax when I logged in and found out the sad news

Aarchane Draknor

My wife woke me up about 11pm Saturday absolutely in tears. I found it hard to believe, but then I read the update from Wilson. I was devastated. A couple of hours later I knew I had to write about it, and never forget how I felt at that moment. I'll just post the link and not bother anyone who isn't interested.

It won't let me post the link due to the 10 post rule, but if anyone wants to see it just click on blog at landsofdraknor[dot]net. It is the latest post.

Aldazar Tiarana

I was just done packing to the canoe trip for the day after when I sat down at the computer. I logged on, and saw that it was a new forum. I didn't check it out at first, but I got a strange feeling about it.

Then I read the thread about Mr. Rigney's passing, and I went totally silent. I just sat there, reading almost an hour, not understanding what had happened.

I didn't feel anything, and didn't do so until yesterday when I got home from the trip. All the trip I had to stay focused so I didn't fall into the river and such, but I've been feeling pretty...empty...ever since Monday..

Shayleean De'Altarata

I was reading the news on MSNBC and out of the corner of my eye I saw his name. I knew as soon as I saw it what it was going to say. I jumped up and started saying OMG. I couldn't believe it because I had just finished reading Knife of Dreams about 4 days before that.

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Napolde Surion

I was walking out my front door and Melaine txt'd me and told me. I was on my own but I actually said "OH NO!!" out loud

Mageus Thaedren

I was talking to my mom when she remembered that she had read he had died and forget to tell me, when I heard her I just couldn't believe it


I am ashamed to say that i didn't find out about Robert's death until Tuesday. I was on the internet (Yahoo) and looked at the Top searches list for the day. I thought might be something about the next book or something. I clicked on Robert's name and seen one of the headlines of a news article. My heart came up in my throat. The greatest writer who ever lived was gone. I just couldn't believe it. I read every article I could find and knew it wasn't a hoax. Thats how I found this place. There is no one local to talk to about the man or his books, heck there is not even a bookstore around anymore (can't really count Wal-Mart) So I figured I would join and see what was happening.

Blu al'Eloquene

I've only known for about an hour...immediately I thought of my friends back here at, and even though my life is so hectic and busy now-a-days I figured I could be considerate and humane enough to spare some odd hours of the morning dropping in to make sure everything is OK...

The dedication flash is really a beautiful peace--couldn't have been done any better. And the black robes...tragic and touching.

At first I thought it was hear-say, but it's not hard to believe. I got a bit sad thinking about how I know that there are many people out there mourning over the passing of a great mind and human being...but at the end of the day we can all agree that he lived an entirely full life, filled with compassion and an ideal or good intent to spread to the world.

Personally, if it weren't for Robert Jordan, this site would not have been possible. And if it weren't possible, then I would have never come to meet and experience all of the wonderful friends I've made here, nor ventured in online radio broadcasting (which has led me into

  • real* radio broadcasting), and I am so thankful for the

mentor-figures here that have helped me through the roughest parts of my life. My writing is rather shot right now, as it's very late, but I wanted to send out my condolences to all and please know I'm praying for everyone's peace of mind.

Jhadrinya Sedra'nan

It was my birthday. RJ has been such an integral part of my life for so long. The WOT defines a lot of who I am today. RJ's wonderful world of fantasy is my retreat. The place I go to when I am tired of reality. His world has become a major part of my world. He has influenced me more than any other ever has. I admired him more than any other. It's sadly ironic that he, whom has done so much for me, passed away on my birthday.

Kityarah Al'Dara

My best friend IM'd me and told me, thankfully he knew how it would affect me and hurried to tell me before I saw it anywhere else. I cried, RJ and WoT have been a huge part of my life for so long I feel as if they are a part of me. It was like losing a very close friend.


I read it from Eleyan Sedai.

I didn't find it all that surprising really but maybe because I had followed his blog from the time he announced he was sick. We knew it was bad when he couldn't write for himself sometimes and someone would pass on the news for him.

I felt like we lost a great writer but I felt very little sadness in me I didn't know him and I don't empathize very well if I don't know the person personally. Say such as Princess Diana or any other famous person passing doesn't connect with me on a deep emotional level. For other people they can have great sadness when someone like this passes perhaps it's a way of honoring someone in its own way I don't know. I just don't connect like that.

I will miss Jordan's writing and quick wit very much I hate that he will not get to start his other series he talked of on a few occasions and that I will not get to read his great work.

Actually I had just commented on his Blog the week before he died that what he had already given us was a great gift and even without the last book it was still a great story.

Turok Tedoradze

I learned of the news when I was checking George RR Martins blog. It was the newest entry, and when I saw the news my heart dropped into my stomach. I am relatively new to WoT and I have been growing very attached to the series. I was excited about Jordan working on the last book, I was thoroughly enjoying reading the series and getting to know the author and story. It was def. tough that a writer who I had just recently discovered and really liked passed on. My first thoughts went out to his family and friends. After that my thoughts went out to his fans. He will be remembered though. I have the whole series lined up on my book shelf, and everytime I look over there and everytime I read his work, he will be remembered.

Caerwyn Jolan

I was actually online scanning my newsreader when i saw a note on another site with a pointer to Dragonmount. When I couldn’t get Dragonmount to *load*, I knew it was true...

I had just read a couple days earlier some of the other blog entries about his condition, so it was a bit a surprise, his brother's last entry before was fairly upbeat. I knew it would happen sooner or later.

I eventually found this site due to a mention of "alternatives to Dragonmount" for getting news about it, the funeral etc. Which eventually led me to join here. (I'd seen this site before but had never joined it).

A sad reason to be here, to be sure!

Where in the world is Caerwyn Jolan?

Alene al'Durana

I found out from my brother's roommate. I had been waiting for my brother to show up online, and then his roommate showed up in chat and broke the news. I went to look it up to see if it was true, and found out that it was.

I didn't want to believe him, but it was true anyway.

On the other hand, I decided to come back here. And I did take it better than my brother did. He practically screamed.

Jao'zef a'Halin

I was at work, and I logged in to check the forums and saw the news. I was pretty much in shock, but I do remember thinking "Of course, its Monday" and then spending the rest of the day not focusing on anything.


I read it in the TV Times in my email, "ROBERT JORDAN SPECIAL MEMORIAL ISSUE."

I was stunned, and a sense of sadness and loss was rising in my gut. The next few hours were spent trolling all the forums and websites. Lol, I went to rasfrj first, probably because so many years ago when Wheel of Time was a HUGE part of my fantasy life that was where it was at.

I'm still so sad, because this great epic thing (that got me into reading back in the summer of 7th grade in 1991!!!) would not be finished by RJ. I can't get this last part out of my head. When someone else writes the characters will it be like new and old Becky on Rosanne?

Rhorr Vaamor

I was watching the Cowboys game, and during a break decided to hop online and check one of the chapter summaries. I happened to find Tar and decided to come here to check it out. Lo and behold, the flash that starts up right now popped up, and as soon as I read the top line "In memory..." I thought "OH NO!" Then realized I had spoken aloud when my wife asked me what was going on. I went back into the living room and told her the news, and shared about his illness and fight.

Torrie le'alma

I was at work. At lunch I was checking his blog and could not get it up. So I started looking in other places, just for fun, and I found a news article about him. I did not believe it at first because I have heard other rumors about him dying before. But I kept looking and it became more and more obvious that it was true. I was so mad. The entire day was ruined for me. I went back to work and was ready to snap at anyone that so much as looked at me.


I was surfing my favorite Danish community. A thread was posted about RJ's death.

I seriously almost cried (or did I?). I could not believe it and I had a very hard time believing the first days but I visited Dragonmount, and found that it was true. The truth hurts.

Hurts to much...