Logain Ablar (TV Series)

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Book TV show
A close up of Alvaro Morte playing Logain Ablar in S1E4
Logain Ablar
Nationality Ghealdan
Social Status Noble
Family Unknown
First Appearance Episode 3
Actor Álvaro Morte

Author: Ilverin Matriam

Pronunciation: loh-GAIN ah-BLAHR

WARNING! The next sections contain spoilers for the Wheel of Time television series.


Logain Ablar is a minor lord from Ghealdan, who has proclaimed himself the Dragon Reborn. He gathers many followers from his homeland who believe he really is the Dragon. He conquers half of the country and in the end even convinces the King of Ghealdan himself to join his side.

However, Aes Sedai of the White Tower find out about him and his proclamation. They capture him and, against the law of the Tower, gentle him without a trial infront of the Amyrlin Seat.

Before he is gentled he has already fallen victim to the madness tainting saidin - the male half of the True Source. He had been very strong in the One Power, but Moiraine did not believe he was strong enough to be the Dragon Reborn.


Logain is tall with shoulder length dark hair and dark eyes.


He would prefer that people join him instead of fighting against them.

Logain can seemingly keep his calm even while shielded by two powerful Aes Sedai.

Logain's Journey

Season 1

In Episode 3 Logain is captured by a group of Aes Sedai. They confess that days before, they had shielded him while he was asleep and his army dispersed after a lightning attack from the Aes Sedai.

In Episode 4 Logain is being kept shielded all the time by at least two of the strongest Aes Sedai in the group. When his followers attack the Aes Sedai camp he manages to break out of the saidar woven shield. He battles with the Aes Sedai, killing one of them, after which he is gentled by eight linked Sisters lead by Liandrin.

After that Logain is chained and is forced to travel with the rest of the Aes Sedai to Tar Valon. In the city he is paraded in the streets to show the people what happens to men who channel and hunger for power.

He is taken infront of the Amyrlin Seat in Episode 6, where he says things infront of the Hall of the Tower which in his hopes would make them decide to kill him. The Amyrlin decides that he shall continue living as an example of what happens to men who dare channel the One Power and proclaim themselves the Dragon Reborn.

Season 2