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This was a Staff position in the Department of Philantrophy. It was created after the Philanthropy team began shaping the work some members already put in, into actual official positions.

The email associated with this position was It is currently not in use.

Chain of Command


  • This staff position is focused on promoting philanthropy with individual members. The biggest project this person will be in charge of is Servant of All. Once we get it up and running (we're working hard on it!), this person will be responsible for promoting the system, tracking all member reports, and updating the system as necessary.
  • In addition, this person is in charge of our Helping Hands programs as they come up, including finding a coordinator for each program (or acting as the coordinator), and tracking members that have received aid.
  • This person will also promote charity around the site on a more general basis, through raising member awareness of ways to give back to local communities.



This position was originally in the Department of Philanthropy. When that department expanded to become the Department of Community Outreach, it transferred over.

Membership Philanthropic Interest Coordinators