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Book TV show

Author: Ilverin Matriam

Raen is a character in the book and television series The Wheel of Time. In the TV show, Raen is played by the Brittish actor Narinder Samra.

WARNING! The next sections contain spoilers for the Wheel of Time television series.


Raen is a man from the Tuatha'an, the Traveling People. He is the husband of Ila and the grandfather of Aram.


Raen is a man of middle age, with dark skin and graying hair, held up in a bun.

Raen dresses in colorful colored clothing.


As one of the Tuatha'an, Raen believes in and follows the Way of the Leaf.


Season 1

In Episode 3 Raen is one of the group of Tinkers to meet Egwene and Perrin. The group takes Egwene and Perrin to their wagons and Raen tells them that the Tinkers' reputation is not rightfuly deserved.

In Episode 4 Raen plays music around the Tuatha'an's fires, while the others dance.

In Episode 5 Raen and Ila defend Egwene and Perrin against Whitecloaks, enduring the Children's hits, but not fighting back, according to their philosophy.