Randland Travel Advisor: The Nine Rings

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Author: Dreia Raieese
Published: January 3 2020 Tar Valon Times Blog

Out for a jaunt through Randland? TarValon.Net’s trusty travel advisor gives you the good, the bad, and the braid-tuggingly awful!

The Nine Rings Review.png

The Nine Rings” was the name of one of my favorite adventure stories growing up, and I had hoped the inside might be kitschy. The innkeeper, Mistress Madwen, was very intent on making sure I was well-taken care of and had all my needs met, though it did feel as though she thought I was up to no good. Her establishment looked well-cared for, though small. The size is most likely a reflection on Tremonsien being a stopover to Cairhien), rather than the final destination.

The room was small yet functional, but what I really wanted was a taste of the food. The smells had wafted out to the street and my mouth was watering. My plate was full of pork and veggies, all wrapped in a thick sauce. The spices and flavors—tender, sweet, and sharp! It filled the belly of this hungry traveler. A young man with some burns on his hand played the flute while I ate, and was still playing when I left.

All in all, The Nine Rings was a pleasant experience. Aside from the food and the music, the place was nothing special.

(The Great Hunt, Chapter 21, “The Nine Rings”)