Shadar Logoth (TV Series)

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Book TV show

Author: Ilverin Matriam


Shadar Logoth is a city that lies east of the Two Rivers, in Andor. It is surrounded by a river, flowing from north to south.

"Shadar Logoth," translated from the Old Tongue means "Shadow's Waiting." It is believed that the ruins of this city are dangerous during the day, and even deadly during the night.

Nothing in this city should be touched or taken out of its walls. Something evil is a part of the city, creeping around and waiting. It takes the form of black shadows, spreading on streets or walls of buildings, and it kills whatever it touches.

Lan makes the decision to hide inside the city after being chased by Trollocs, knowing that the Shadowspawn will not follow them there. He is the one that tells the Two Rivers ta'veren about the city's history and dangers (S1E2).


Shadar Logoth was once called Aridhol, a great city, that was once part of the Compact of the Ten Nations. During the Trolloc Wars, it was the richest, most powerful city in the known world.

Aridhol was an ally of Manetheren, but when Manetheren needed them most, Aridhol did not come to aid them, leaving Manetheren to be overtaken by Trollocs. Aridhol built a huge wall with no gate, closing themselves inside and isolating themselves from the rest of the world. After the Trolloc Wars had ended, the survivors went to Aridhol to find food and shelter, but instead, they found the city completely empty.

City Layout and Buildings

The buildings in Shadar Logoth look like they were magnificent once, but now the layout of the city looks like ruins instead. The buildings are decayed and crumbling.


The people of Aridhol were known to be valiant fighters. However, during the Trolloc Wars, it was believed that evil grew from the city's heart and consumed everyone and everything that lived there.

There is not a living soul currently living in the city, after it destroyed itself. People, and even Shadowspawn, are afraid of going near it.