Soul of the White Ajah

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Soul of the White Ajah is an unofficial position, but one with many responsibilities. When possible, it is held by an Aspired Accepted.


While the First Reasoner (Head of Ajah) administrates the Ajah, and the Heart helps maintain morale among the Aes Sedai, Aspirants, and Warders, the Soul helps connect the White Ajah with the site at large.

The Soul welcomes guests to the Ajah, greets JMs who haven’t visited us, initiates planning our involvement in site-wide freeweeks and festivals, and generally serves as a face of the White Ajah to the community outside of the Ajah.

The Soul position will ideally be held by an Aspirant, but can be held by an Aes Sedai. This position rotates every six months, on January 1 and July 1.

Chain of Command

The Soul reports to the First Reasoner.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Raisings: The Soul will PM members when they are:
    • Made a Citizen - Welcome to the City!
    • Made a Novice/Recruit - Welcome to the Tower!
    • Made an Accepted/Soldier - Welcome to the Ring!
  • Welcoming

The Soul will receive an email at when someone comes to guest with the Ajah. At that point the Soul will:

    • Immediately create a welcome thread for the new guest: We do not want people to have to create their own welcome threads - creating one for them makes them feel more welcome.
    • At earliest convenience, the Soul will send a PM to welcome to the new guest to the Ajah. The Soul will also make it clear that they are available to speak with - some guests are hesitant to speak with people who do not contact them first.

If the Guest has indicated that they would like a Saana (White Mentor), the Soul will contact the next Sedai on the list to confirm they would like an Avron (mentee) and inform them of who they will be matched with. Hence, the Soul must check their email at least once every day. If they cannot do that due to being busy/whatnot, the Soul must tell the HoA as soon as they know and then tell them when they are back.

That way, if any guests arrive in the meantime, the HoA can create a welcome thread so that the guest does not have to create their own.

  • Freeweeks and festivals
    • The Soul will keep track of when freeweeks and festivals are coming up and will create the planning thread at least one month before the freeweek or festival occurs.
    • The Soul will help initiate planning the Ajah’s involvement in freeweeks and festivals.
  • Advise the First Reasoner

From time to time, the Soul may be asked to advise the First Reasoner, especially regarding guests and the Ajah’s interaction with the site at large.

  • Reports

The Soul will file a monthly report by using a Google Form (I promise the report isn’t bad at all). The report is about guests arriving, leaving, and how they seem to interact with the Ajah. (Do they seem to feel comfortable? Do they not post at all?)

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