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Aleita Taviah
February 27, 2021 - March, 2022
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Aleita was Editor of the Tar Valon Times on from September 2020-February 2021. The Tar Valon Times Takeover was her first TVT Initiative and provides the opportunity for all our Membership Groups to showcase who they are and what they do (both inside and outside TarValon.Net). Aleita first wrote for the Tar Valon Times in 2007 when she wrote a review about a rare Tower Party Down Under. In 2008 she spotlighted the Junior Membership Administrators in a “Day in the Life” series. Since rejoining the Tar Valon Times Aleita has covered TarValon.Net events (The Great Charity Hunt Launch & The International Red Cross Fundraiser) as well as Robert Jordan’s Memorial Post, the Winespring Inn Reveal and even gave us “5 Tips for Healthy Living”.

Reporter Merit

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Published Work

All published works link to the Tar Valon Times Blog and TVT Archive.