The Brown Ajah in 2006

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1: Sela Narian becomes Heart. Adolla Ceryia and Allin Sha'maer are chosen as Sitters for the Spring 2006 term.

17: Kytera al'Sauvin joins the Ajah as Accepted.


13: Eniara Kisharad Bonds Ciaran al'Trystan.

24 - 26: Elyna al'Tzoran attends Winter Euro Party 2006 in Bratislava, Slovakia, on February.


5: Nadine Andara and Randle al'Ren dissolve their Bond.

17 - 20: Adolla Ceryia, Allin Sha'maer, Caia al'Tamad, Eniara Kisharad, Ismene Gillandred, Laithean Cor'dazar, Nadine Andara, Naomi al'Moranwin, and Sela Narian attend Anniversary Party 2006 in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA. Laithean is raised Aes Sedai at the event (on March 17).

Caia al'Tamad is awarded the Volunteer of the Year Amyrlin's Award.

Sela Narian wins the Members' Choice Award for Most Intellectual.

Elyna al'Tzoran steps down as Keeper (on March 17).


16: Caia al'Tamad becomes Guildmaster of the Tailors Guild.

26: Serenla Tamowith is raised Aes Sedai.

28: Dovienya el'Korim is raised Aes Sedai.


1: Miriya ay'Anne is raised Aes Sedai.

16: Ismene Gillandred becomes Head.

21: Allin Sha'maer Bonds Sean al'Dragoran.

29: Eniara Kisharad becomes Tower Treasurer, and Elyna al'Tzoran her assistant.


21: Miriya ay'Anne Bonds Kheldin Korlan.


1: Adolla Ceryia and Elyna al'Tzoran are chosen as Sitters for the Fall 2006 term.

2: Aavyn Eirinon demotes to Accepted.


13 - 19: Brown impersonates San d'ma Shadar during Feast of Fools 2005.

21: Stasia t'Andrei is raised Aes Sedai.

31: Cassie Dainar is raised Aes Sedai.


5: Aloren Tarabutton is raised Aes Sedai.

Unknown date: The September 2017 issue of the Brown Bulletin is published.


Brown participates in the Shaoman 2006 festivities with a Dr. Seuss theme.


10 - 12: Eniara Kisharad attends Fall Ball 2006 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

23: Ismene Gillandred Bonds Riley Maconnar.

24: Kytera al'Sauvin is raised Aes Sedai.


5: Lilli O'Neeus Aspires.

Unknown dates: Brown dresses up as Ice Fairies during the Feast of Lights 2006.


Murasaki al'Aevon joins the Ajah as Accepted at some point during the year after having been raised to the Ring in January.

Maddie Vitalia joins the Ajah as Accepted at some point after being raised to the Ring on June 7.

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