The Dragon Reborn: Chapter 47

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Author: Val a'Shain

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To Race the Shadow

Chapter Icon: Five dice, arranged in a ring

Point of View: Mat

Setting: The Royal Palace and The Queen's Blessing Inn, Caemlyn, Andor.

Characters: Mat, Tallanvor, Thom, Basel Gill


Mat decides to go to Tear to save Elayne. Thom agrees to go with him.


Tallanvor helps Mat get past the unfriendly guard who is still on duty. On the way out he asks Mat some more questions. To some Mat doesn't know the answer, to others he pretends ignorance. It is plain there is more politics going on than Mat understands in Caemlyn and he doesn't want to get involved. Before Tallanvor lets Mat go he makes it clear he serves Morgase not Gaebril. Mat will wager the purse he received that Gaebril would say the same thing.

Back at the Queen's Blessing Thom and Gill are still playing Stones. Mat announces that he intends to leave for Tear after he has had a good meal. Thom wants to know what the hurry is but Mat ignores the question and asks what Gill knows about Lord Gaebril. The innkeeper says Gaebril came from the west of Andor while Morgase was still in Tar Valon. Around that time riots broke out again and Gaebril helped suppress them. As a reward Morgase appointed him in the position Elaida had held. Mat wants to know if, with Elayne dead, Gaebril would be King of Andor. Gill explains Andor has Queens and that he would at most be Prince-consort. If both Elayne and Morgase die Lady Dyelin is next in line.

Mat now asks why Gill doesn't like Gaebril. The innkeeper can't really explain it. He tells Mat about the bad dreams he has been having of the man. He's not the only one either. Gill wants to know why he is so interested in Gaebril. Mat now reveals he overheard Gaebril plotting to kill Elayne. Gill is shocked but doesn't know what he can do about it. Thom advises him to spread that rumour. It will reach Morgase and if it is persistent enough she might listen. The innkeeper knows how he can get that rumour going.

Thom tells Mat he will join him. He used to be Morgase's lover as well as court bard. Ever since he left Caemlyn fifteen years ago to outrun the headsman's axe the city has not been his favourite place to stay. Tear seems as good a destination as any. Basel Gill goes to see they get a good meal before they leave. Mat hands him the purse he got from Gaebril and tells Gill to keep it for him. He has a wager with Gaebril and he tells the innkeeper he never loses.


Character Development

  • When Basil tells Mat about Gaebril, Mat says he including too much politics

This is a little impatient - the political situation is essential to understand Gaebril's role

  • As soon as he knows they are in danger in Tear, he decides to set off there to try and save them

In general, he is still denying being a hero, but this is getting deep into denial territory


  • Thom says he left Caemlyn 15 years earlier

This would have made Elayne around 2. It's unlikely she would have more than a vague memory of him, though Galad might.


First Mention

Lady Dyelin

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