The Eye of the World: Chapter 22

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Author: Arn Oakenskye

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A Path Chosen

Chapter Icon: Leafless Tree

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: Woods along the River Arinelle

Characters: Perrin, Egwene


Perrin and Egwene walk through the woods.


Perrin wakes in a small copse of trees along the east bank of the River Arinelle and grabs his axe, looking around for Trollocs as the memory of the night before comes back to him.

He watches the river and knowing himself to be the stronger swimmer, he heads downriver to search for Egwene. He walks for several miles before finding a hoof-print made by one of Master Luhhan's horseshoes.

Following the trail, Perrin finds Egwene and Bela in a clearing under a hemlock with a small fire going and Egwene wielding a branch like a club. Egwene hugs Perrin when she sees it is him and then pushes him over to the fire to dry off, seeing he is still wet.

Egwene says it was Bela that got her across the river and that she hasn't seen anyone else. Perrin finishes eating some of the food Egwene had given him before replying that he hasn't seen anyone either.

Perrin says he's been thinking, to Egwene's surprise. Not knowing if anyone else is alive or dead, but hoping they are, Perrin and Egwene decide to get moving instead of waiting for Trollocs to find them and Perrin thinks they should head towards Caemlyn since Fades will most likely be heading down to Whitebridge.

Perrin asks if there's a chance he can have any more bread and cheese and she replies that it may have to last a long time. Perrin thinks about being a leader and says that they best get started and kicks dirt over the fire.


Character Development

  • Egwene’s first concern is Rand
  • When she thinks Perrin is going to suggest waiting for the others, she agrees that is what they should do
  • She follows Perrin's lead
  • He was never one to “moon over” a map like Rand
  • He takes charge


  • Given that Rand and Mat apparently spent hours mooning over maps, how come they never noticed the Two Rivers was part of Andor?
  • Perrin decides against Whitebridge as the Myrddraal would expect that. This did not occur to Moiraine.





ash, alder, hardgum, hemlock

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