The Fires of Heaven: Chapter 25

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Author: Val a'Shain

Dream Ter'angreal Chapter Icon.png

Dreams of Galad

Chapter Icon: Dream Ter'angreal

Points of view: Egwene, Moghedien


Egwene's Point of View:

Setting: the World of Dreams

Characters: Egwene, Elayne, a reflection of Galad and Leane

Egwene floats in the darkness for a moment. When she is sure the Wise Ones took their own advice and went to sleep she forms an image of her novice room in the White Tower. Cautiously she looks into the corridor and sees the door of Elayne's room opening. She did get the message.

Egwene wants to know about Birgitte but Elayne refuses to tell her anything. She made a promise not to. She asks Egwene to trust her on this. Reluctantly Egwene agrees. For now. Elayne wants to know how Rand is. Egwene tells her he is unhurt but that he is getting a bigger head every day. Elayne says she sees why he threatened the clan chiefs the way he did. He must be able to dispense justice without favors. But she agrees he needs to remember he is only a man too. Egwene asks if the fight Nynaeve got into won't cause problems. Elayne tells her Nynaeve apologized for it. Egwene once again stresses the message she gave Elayne earlier. Elayne notes Egwene has changed. She says Egwene will become Amyrlin Seat one day. With that she leaves.

Egwene isn't ready to go yet though. She goes to Elaida's study to see if she can find out how things are in the Tower. Most of the reports speak of failure. Bashere's army is still missing, there are no reports from Tanchico. Niall is calling all Whitecloaks to Amador but no one knows why. Rand's location is unknown. The agent who let Elayne and Nynaeve escape is to be punished. It seems Elaida is making plans to build a palace as well.

When Egwene moves into the Keeper's study she runs into Galad. He looks more beautiful than any man has the right to. He asks her to go with him for a walk but Leane interrupts them. Angry at herself for almost letting herself get caught in her own dream Egwene jumps to the Two Rivers. She runs into Galad again. They are married this time and he carries their son. From the corner of her eye she sees the red eagle and red wolf head banners. No, this isn't right. Screaming Egwene flees Tel'aran'rhiod.

Moghedien's Point of View:

Setting: the World of Dreams

Characters: Egwene, Elayne, a reflection of Galad and Leane, Moghedien

Moghedien watches the girl flee. She has remarkable strength in the World of Dreams, it would have been nice to trap her here. Sharing the place with Lanfear is bad enough. But she doesn't really interest Moghedien. Nynaeve, Elayne and Birgitte do. Those she is after for ruining her plans. She will find them and punish them.

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