The Gathering Storm (Brief Plot Summary)

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Perrin heads north from Malden, with around a hundred thousand refugees. He encounters Galad and learns of Morgase's identity. Mat heads towards Caemlyn, meeting Verin on the way. In return for his promise to wait thirty days then open a letter from her, she takes him and his men there through a gateway.

Rand tries to bring order to Arad Doman. He meets with Tuon to arrange a truce, but she decides against it as she believes he must kneel to her. She proclaims herself Empress and decides to raid the White Tower. In a dream, Rand encounters Moridin and learns that the Dark One is able to bring the Forsaken back. Shaidar Haran frees Semirhage, who places a male a'dam on Rand. He is able to access the True Power and destroy it, before balefiring her and Elza. He banishes Cadsuane from his sight for failing and tells her he will kill her if he sees her face again. Aviendha leaves for the Waste to go through the glass columns and become a Wise One. WithNynaeve's aid, Rand discovers Graendal's location and Travels there, balefiring it and presumably killing her. He leaves Arad Doman. He tries to meet with the Borderland leaders but they will only do so in Far Madding so he tells them to return to their duty along the Blight or he will have no more to do with them. He decides to use the Choedan Kal to finish the Seanchan, but instead Travels to Dragonmount where he thinks about why he is bothering fighting. He concludes that life is worth living and laughs for the first time in months.

In the Tower, Egwene meets Aes Sedai and makes alliances before provoking Elaida who attacks her. Silviana stands up for her and is imprisoned. In her cell, she is visited by Verin who gives her a book with the names of prominent Darkfriends including almost all the Black Ajah. Verin dies. Outside the Tower, Gawyn learns of her status and leaves the Younglings to join the rebels. The Seanchan attack and Egwene leads the defence, organising the novices and Accepted and saving many Aes Sedai. Elaida is captured and Siuan and Gawyn break in and rescue Egwene against her will. The next day, the Heads of the Ajahs meet and decide that Egwene should be the next Amyrlin as they can't agree on anyone else and it was a disaster when they tried to control things themselves. In the Rebel camp, the Black sisters are arrested and executed, apart from a small number who escape. Egwene returns to the Tower and is raised by their Hall, learning that the Black Ajah members in the Tower have fled.

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