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This is a breakdown of the timeline and all the events happening in each chapter in The Great Hunt. The main story begins one month after the end of the events in The Eye of the World. I've made the assumption that The Eye of the World ends around the end of the month of Adar, 998, which would make the start of The Great Hunt around the end of the month of Saven or the beginning of the month of Amadaine.

Whenever there are multiple points of view in a chapter, it's assumed the events are happening at the same time, or at least closely together.

For a broader timeline, please check The Wheel of Time Timeline.

Date, Month, Year (Farede Calendar) Day of Timeline Chapter Name Characters and Events
end of Saven, 998 NE A day or two before the beginning of the story Prologue: In the Shadow A meeting of Darkfriends in an unknown location, where Ba'alzamon gives each of them orders to carry out.
end of Saven, 998 NE Day 0 = One month after Eye of the World ends The Flame of Tar Valon Rand finds out the Amyrlin is coming to Fal Dara and he tries to flee the keep.
end of Saven, 998 NE Day 0 The Welcome Amyrlin Seat (along with 14 other Aes Sedai) arrives in Fal Dara and are welcomed by Lord Agelmar.
end of Saven, 998 NE Day 0 Friends and Enemies Rand runs and tries to hide, eventually meeting Egwene, seeing Fain in the dungeons, and then they go to the Women's quarters.
end of Saven, 998 NE Day 0 Summoned Moiraine meets with the Amyrlin Seat.
end of Saven, 998 NE Day 0 The Shadow in Shienar Moiraine and Suian discuss what to do with the boys, Liandrin confronts Amalisa, Padan Fail is freed.
end of Saven, 998 NE Day 0 The Shadow in Shienar Geofram Bornhald and a legion of the Children of the Light, arrive in a villgae in Tarabon and meet with Questioners.
end of Saven, 998 NE Day 0 evening Dark Prophecy Rand goes in search for Egwene after Fal Dara is under attack, Fain has escaped and stolen the Horn of Valere.
end of Saven, 998 NE Day 0 during the night Blood Calls Blood Verin tells of her findings in the Dark prophecy to Moiraine and Siuan.
Amadaine, 998 NE Day 1 morning Blood Calls Blood Perrin visits Mat in the infirmary, Rand is called to the Amyrlin.
Amadaine, 998 NE Day 1 morning Dragon Reborn Moirane and Siuan reveal to Rand that he is the Dragon Reborn.
Amadaine, 998 NE Day 1 Dragon Reborn Lan gives Nynaeve his ring, Egwene and Rand say their goodbyes to each other.
Amadaine, 998 NE Day 1 Leavetakings Rand, Mat and Perrin leave Fal Dara with Ingtar. Hurin joins them in the city.
Amadaine, 998 NE Feast of Teven Leavetakings Domon decides to leave Illian and travel to Toman Head, Falme in particular
Amadaine, 998 NE Day 1 during the whole day The Hunt Begins Ingtar makes them ride fast and long, but the others are worried for the horses, eventually they stop for the night in a forest
Amadaine, 998 NE Day 2 through 5 The Hunt Begins Ingtar breaks camp in the morning, they begin riding south, the trail turns north, but in a couple of hours they find a body of a murdered man and the trail turns south again
Amadaine, 998 NE Day 6 The Hunt Begins In the morning the group reaches the river Erinin, they find Changu and Nidao and later find the dead Myrdraal
Amadaine, 998 NE Day 6 Glimmers of the Pattern In the evening the group camps near a portal stone, Rand receives the Dragon's banner
Amadaine, 998 NE Day 1 Woven in the Pattern Egwene, Nyaneve and the Amyrlin's group leave Fal Dara. During the first evening Egwene and Nynaeve receive a channeling lesson from Verin. The next three evenings they recieve lessons from Alanna, Alviarin and Liandrin.
Amadaine, 998 NE Day 5 Woven in the Pattern Moiraine, Verin and Liandrin leave the Amyrlin's group two days before it reaches the village Medo
Amadaine, 998 NE Day 7 Woven in the Pattern The Amyrlin's group reaches the village Medo on the banks of the river Mora and they get on boats to Tar Valon. Egwene already has dreamed of Rand vanishing through the portal stone
Amadaine, 998 NE Day 8 Morning From Stone to Stone Rand, Hurin and Loial wake up in a strange world
Amadaine, 998 NE Day 8 Morning Wolfbrother Ingtar finds out Rand, Hurin and Loial are gone, Perrin becomes the new "sniffer", they meet Verin
Amadaine, 998 NE Day 8 Kinslayer Rand, Hurin and Loial travel through the world of the portal stone. During the night Rand talks to Ba'alzamon. Rand receives the first heron at his right hand
Amadaine, 998 NE Day 9 In the Mirror of Darkness During the day Rand, Hurin and Loial reach "Hawkwing's monument", they meet Selene
Amadaine, 998 NE Day 9 Choices Rand, Hurin, Loial and Selene travel back to the real world through a portal stone in Kinslayer's Dagger. They stay there to wait for Fain