The Inverse Ajah

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The Inverse Ajah was a prank executed by Lyndo Shiranui and Leala ni al'Dareis t'al'Caleum on the White Ajah and the site at-large.

On June 25th, 2021, the banners indicating the White Ajah's member status as Aes Sedai were changed to black, and they found a thread in the Sitting Room by Leala titled As You Settle Into the Sitting Room...

In it, they found this message:

You find your favorite chair and arrange your pristine white shawl, so that it doesn't wrinkle, and so the long fringe doesn't catch on some random thing. You find your favorite un-dog-eared book waiting for you and open it to the page you had marked with a scrap of note paper where you were taking notes with black ink. The prisms cast the colors of the light spectrum on the wall, and not in your eye. The ever-present bubbles of the White Ajah Sitting Room are clear and shine delicately.

You raise your arm to make a notation when you notice your shawl is it...gray? No. No, it can't be. Perhaps you were too peaceful, and your eyes were heavily lidded. You dip your pen into the inkwell, and pull out...white ink?

Blinking, you look down and see that your shawl has now turned black!!

The peaceful light from the prisms is now a foreboding and somehow glowing black void.

And the bubbles...the BUBBLES. The bubbles have now turned into small spherical orbs of voids themselves, radiating random colors as they float and bob around the Sitting Room.

There's only one logical(?) explanation for this:

Leala then provided an array of signatures for the prank that the Ajah could use:

(The Inverse Ajah is brought to you by Leala Sedai and a guesting Accepted who can either reveal themselves, or you can take a logical guess at who.  ;) Enjoy the sigs and the new colors for a bit.  :bubble)

Leala and Satara began to invert avatars for the Whites who asked, and as a thread was posted in General, other members asked to be inverted too.

The lore that was created was that the void bubbles could invert one's avatar if touched, and some swag was created as well:


These are the Whites who inverted their avatars during the prank, with their black Aes Sedai banners:

Of course, one of our wonderful Warders joined in:

And, of course, Leala's Co-Conspirator himself, Lyndo stayed in the thick fog of mystery until Alora guessed him as the "guesting Accepted."