The Most Important Question Ever Asked! - March

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Author: Kyla Sterling

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This month, we delved into the murky realm of footwear! How, exactly, should it be put on? Socks first, and then shoes, or finish each foot completely before moving on? Well, for that answer, at least, there was a clear answer – both socks, and then both shoes. The number of people who go sock, shoe, sock, shoe was very small (although our beloved Amyrlin fell into that group!). The last group, “other,” generally agreed on socks-first, but they went neither left-right-left-right nor right-left-right-left. No, dear readers, these strange creatures go left-right-right-left, or right-left-left-right. The total number of socks-first people, though, accounted for nearly 90% of respondents.

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The socks-first people were united in their habits, although the split between left-first right-first was pretty even. Discussion then centered on why people do one or the other. This reporter suggested that handedness might contribute, but anecdotal data shared in the thread proved otherwise. Most other thoughts centered around flexibility, and standing vs. sitting when getting dressed.

Alas, there were no flame wars this month – mostly because nearly everyone was in agreement over the “proper” method and differed only slightly in execution. Several other topics were brought up, however, related to the question at hand. Some of them may even appear in future installments of this column! Debate raged on whether socks have “proper” feet to go on after being worn. (Accepted Alyccea Nymaessene and Dnae Ila Gaidin agreed strongly with this reporter, and Luna Morn Sedai and Ajailyn Morrivinna Sedai take it one step further and simply change into a new pair rather than put a “dirty” pair back on.) A brief discussion on socks being identical was also held, and Mother showed us all a pair of socks that were made to be worn on specific feet.

Join us again next month for a new Most Important Question – and, as always, if you have a question to suggest, please don’t hesitate to PM Kyla Sterling!

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