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The Wheel of Time TV series is a fantasy television series, based on the The Wheel of Time Book Series, written by Robert Jordan, and later finished with the help of Brandon Sanderson.

The Wheel of Time TV adaptation, developed by Rafe Judkins and consulted on with Harriet McDougal and Brandon Sanderson, is currently streaming on the Prime Video network. The show is produced by Sony Pictures Television and Amazon studios.


Moiraine, an Aes Sedai from the White Tower, is in search of the prophecied one, the Dragon who is reborn during the Third Age to either destroy or save the world in the Last Battle. Her Warder, Lan, helps her through her travels across the continent in search of the Dragon, until they come to a place called the Two Rivers where they find several ta'veren and each of them could be the Dragon.


Main Characters Supporting Characters Minor Characters
Rosamund Pike - Moiraine Damodred Kate Fleetwood - Liandrin Guirale Daryl McCormack - Aram
Daniel Henney - Lan Mandragoran Priyanka Bose - Alanna Mosvani Maria Doyle Kennedy - Ila
Zoë Robins - Nynaeve al'Meara Sophie Okonedo - Siuan Sanche Narinder Samra - Raen
Madeleine Madden - Egwene al'Vere Alexandre Willaume - Thom Merrilin Taylor Napier - Maksim
Josha Stradowski - Rand al'Thor Hammed Animashaun - Loial son of Arent son of Halan Emmanuel Imani - Ihvon
Marcus Rutherford - Perrin Aybara Alvaro Morte - Logain Ablar Jennifer Cheon Garcia - Leane Sedai
Barney Harris - Mat Cauthon Abdul Salis - Eamon Valda Stuart Graham - Geofram Bornhald
Clare Perkins - Kerene Nagashi Peter Franzen - Stepin


Season one of the Wheel of Time aired from November 19, 2021 until December 24, 2021.



Season 1

Producer: Rosamund Pike
Co-producers: Lauren Selig and David Frew
Consulting Producer: Hariet McDougal and Brandon Sanderson
Executive Producer: Uta Briesewitz, Marigo Kehoe, Darren Lemke, Ted Field, Mike Weber, Larry Mondragon, Rick Selvage and Rafe Lee Judkins
Music is created by: Lorne Balfe