Torwyn Barshaw

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Torwyn Barshaw was supposedly a merchant from Four Kings and Paitr Conel's uncle, though he looked nothing like it. He was a Darkfriend. He was squat with a big nose, a choleric eye and a sneering mouth (LoC, Ch. 31).

The Whitecloaks hung him for being a Darkfriend and Morgase had to tell herself that they did not die for any crime connected to her, that no one knew about her escape, which died with Barshaw (LoC, Ch. 31).


  • He and Paitr went to Amador to find Taraboner dyes, where they heard about Morgase being in the palace and thought they could help her. They were staying at a merchant's place who had pigeons, and received information from everywhere. Paitr sneaked into the palace and told Morgase that his uncle - he called him Jen - had a plan on how to get her out, but it became impossible with all the Whitecloaks around (ACoS, Prologue).
  • He claimed that it would present no problem getting Morgase out alone, but that the people she did not want to leave behind were the problem. Disguised as a shopkeeper, he came to tell her about his plan. A day later, Barshaw, Paitr and some other Darkfriends were scooped up when "chanting some catechism to the Shadow," according to Einor Saren. The day after was their execution, which Morgase had to witness (LoC, Ch. 31).