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Author: al'Cary Mandoragon, March 2006

To celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the site, I have gathered the favourite memories regarding the site from a wide range of members. Contained in these memories is a rich history of the high points of the site, especially Nadine Sedai's contribution which reads like "Sum up the Tower's history in 50 words or less". It says a lot about our site, that so many people have had such pleasant and life altering experiences as described in these statements.

"I guess it would have to be the very first time I attended a Tower Party (the TN party in April of '03). The reason why it was so memorable for me was my very first impression of Tower Folk. Naturally, I was pretty nervous about meeting people that I had only talked to online before, but when I arrived, I was greeted by a few random people out in the driveway who asked, "What's your name?". And I answered, "Sherry but I guess Lyoness" and I was immediately tacklehuggled and grouphugged and I swear I wanted to cry tears of happiness! I had never before in my life felt so accepted and loved as I did when I arrived at that Tower party. I guess it's the warmth of the members on the site that prevents me from ever leaving. I love this place and all you guys like family!" Lyoness Sedai

"I would have to say my favorite memory was the first time I entered IRC chat. I was so new and everyone was so nice and welcoming.. Wil Cambrae and Neisa Sedai especially. The took me under their wings and really welcomed me. Its the first time I felt a part of a family. It was really something special.. Something I will never forget." Gracienda Al'vonde

"The first year I was here, when we were still on Ezboards and used a chat feature on the boards. I was chatting with some people, one who happened to be Arn Oakenskye, who eventually joined SDS. I was feeling my oats and since I was a Gaidin and he a recruit I had him drink some ooosquie. I forget why but he was. I talked the inebriated recruit into doing some kicking on a pole like the Aiel did at the in the books after the Battle at Carhien. Arn was jumping and spinning then I said I saw him fall off, and land with his knees locked and he broke his legs. Well I believe it was alCary or Moah who was in there with me also, and I had him help me take Arn to the Yellow Tents on the boards to get Healed. It was great times and my first real memory of Arn, and a good one at that. I later found out though it was a spoiler cause he hadn't read that book yet." Wil Gaidin

"It's hard, of course, to choose only one good memory from the many I've had in my just over a year as a member here. Being Raised, whether to novice, Accepted or finally to Aes Sedai - all three were a blast. Endless hours of chatting, either in IRC or via messengers or even Skype, has also been a part of my Tower experience I feel extremely privileged to have been allowed. Still, though, it's the Europarty in Gothenburg summer 2005 that has so far been the biggest prod-buttock experience. The sheer beauty of the place we stayed at was part of it, of course, but far more than that it was the immense feeling of...kinship? I felt with the people in attendance. We didn't really do a lot; we went to an amusement park (Liseberg) where both Ehlana and myself tried our first ever rollercoasters after some (more or less) mild persuasion, but other than that our weekend was filled with hanging out, drinking, swimming in the lake, drinking and generally just having fun. So yes; if you haven't been to a RL gathering yet and you have the opportunity; DO IT!" Ilissa Sedai

"There are so many memories that it's hard to pinpoint one particular one! Scraps we got into as Accepted... real life events... welcoming new Sisters... my bonding experiences... the evolution of the Tower... the list is endless. I shall choose a real life memory; Fall Ball 2003 in Tennessee. Mother was making her announcements of who had won the Tower Awards. For some reason that is still foggy to me, I was chosen as Member of the Year! Mother gave me a huge hug as she presented me with my yummy award book. I was quite giggly and feeling very flushed, but overall it has got to rate up there with my all time favorite memories of the Tower! I hope for many more in the future!" Amaria Sedai

"The first time I went to a tower party was 2nd Anniversary in 2003. I had just ridden 12 or more hours from Ubahsur Sedai's house in Richmond to Tennesse. I was a bit nervous wondering what I had gotten myself into, but when we arrived at the camp noone was there. We were kinda nervous that we had the wrong place but eventually people started coming in, the set up crew had gone out to get food and we were the first people to come in that day. Slowly more and more people showed up and everyone was hugging and talking excitedly. It was a bit like going to a school reunion except you actually like all the people. In the end I never felt more at home with a group and I've been addicted to tower parties ever since." Adolla Sedai

"I have many fond memories of my time here at TarValon, as my membership has spanned near four years now. al'Cary asked me to try to be brief, so, I shall jot down some stuff, and maybe it will spark memories in some of you. Union of Pranksters debut and the punishment set by Mother - When the Browns dressed up as Blues for Halloween and confuzzled everyone! BtBA (most Browns will remember this one) - Monkeys with Bananas and the Prevailing Teddies! When the Browns became Whitecloaks and tortured people in their Dome of Truth. When Naomi and I made a clock blink. My very first meeting of Tower people, when some Yellows kidnapped me for a weekend and introduced themselves to my Mom as the cult members. The tornadoes and floods at 3rd Anni Chicago. The cozy night at Marlinya's the night before heading to the mountains at 4th Anni Colorado. Last but certainly not least, the meeting of my fiance, Jasin Bashar." Nadine Sedai

As for my own memories? There have been a number of good ones. TC back on Ezboards where I made my first bunch of friends. The endless and pointless spam threads in the old DM forum. The immediate sense of belonging I felt when MDD first came together. Making friends from all around the globe, some of whom I hope will stay good friends forever. Having a place to hide and people to whine to when RL goes bad. I can only hope for another three years worth.