Tradition: Mistress & Other Titles

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RedAjah5.png Titles

  • All Reds at some point will be given a Mistress or Master title, usually arising out of some other conversation. Here are some of the known Mistress Titles.
  • Osaka is the Keeper of the Keys of the Red Ajah! Here's her explanation: "The day I got accepted in the Red I got dubbed Keeper of Keys of the Red Ajah... was at a RL party. There were loads of cuffs (most of them mine) and I had dominion over all their keys mua-ha-ha...

RedAjah5.png Mistresses and Masters of S&M

Our Mistress/Master of Social Media - the Mistress/Master of S&M - maintains our Red Ajah Social Media. This is a 6-monthly position.