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White Ajah FAQ

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What does it mean to be White Ajah? What are the goals of the White Ajah?

"I don't know about goals, but I feel like our purpose is to bring some calm. By staying as rational as possible, we are able to help everyone else gain some distance and perspective." - Laralelle Susandrea

"Okay. I'm going to start this by quoting something I said in our forum a couple of weeks ago. (We do talk about this sort of thing you know) We (The White Ajah) apply logic to life. We reason through things, rather than jumping straight into a situation. We still have our passions, our quirks (boy do we!), and we are interested in many different things. As Whites, we look at life through the prism of Logic. A situation looks one way, but through that prism, the picture changes. Sometimes it fragments, and sometimes it comes together, when you focus just right. We can see all sides, through that prism of logic. This is not to say that our emotions don't run away with us from time to time. We all have those buttons. But after the initial flare-up, we look back on the situation logically and our view may change, or we can more coherently defend the original.

So um... the big picture. Viewing Life through Logic's Prism. Those fragmented images can be pretty insane... but when the view comes in clear, it's crystal. (white)---> {logic}---> (life) = (All the Colors of the Rainbow)" ~ Andra Mikolan

Which qualities do you see most in White? Which qualities don't "mesh"?

"We are fairly low-maintenance and are pretty laid back. We are very supportive of one another. We tend to gripe without actually expecting anything more than commiseration from our Sisters. We tend to solve our own problems." - Laralelle Susandrea

What is the best thing about the White Ajah? What is the worst thing?

"The best thing is definitely that I can come in here and complain or rejoice and people are genuinely interested in hearing about it. They are genuine in their commiserating and in their joy. The worst thing is that we don't get "out" enough!" - Laralelle Susandrea

"The very bestest thing about the White Ajah is... The White Ajah. I'm serious... sort of. You'll hear this from other ajah's as well. Your Ajah is your family here at Tar Valon. Recently, one of my big Sisters said, “you can't chose your relatives, but you can chose your Sisters”. Go where your heart leads you. Make the choice for yourself. Don't go just on ideology or stereotypes. Go for the people. The women in your ajah will stand by you. Even when/if you leave someday, you will still be in their hearts, as a Sister. The worst thing about the Ajah is... we live all over the world. There are so many of my sisters I may never meet face to face because of that, but at the same time it's a wonderful thing, because we get their views on issues and the whole time zone thing makes it a sure thing that you'll almost always find someone online, regardless of your schedule." ~ Andra

How are the TarValon.net Whites different from the book Whites?

"We show emotion! As logical as we try to be, and most of us really do strive for that objectivity, we recognize and value emotions as well." - Laralelle Susandrea

Why bubbles?

"Ajah secret. Need to know only. :look" - Laralelle Susandrea

Why do you think not many White bond warders?

"When I bonded Locus, the best warder on the face of the Earth, he said that Whites were the best kept secret on the site. Actually, I don't know if he said that, but I think it's true. We're fairly low-key, so people tend to overlook us. Or I'm completely wrong and we just don't have the time. Either or. :cheese" - Laralelle Susandrea