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Description by Branwyn al'Leara, Former head of the Yellow Ajah

The Yellow Ajah at TarValon.Net is a very diverse group of women and men. Though our Warders are considered guests of the Ajah, they generally tend to fit in very well with the Ajah, due to their close relationships with the people that they are bonded to. We all have different personalities, beliefs, views, and opinions on just about everything! But we are able to meld those differences together to create a very unique group of individuals, in essence, the Yellow Ajah is a melting pot of personalities. The Ajah has a different meaning personally to every person who is a part of it. One of the major threads that ties us all together is that we are helpers and nurturers: we care. We sometimes go out of our way to help people, in lieu of ourselves. We tend to be the shoulders to cry on for both our online and offline friends. Though many of us may seem happy and silly all of the time, we are also very serious people, we just like to have fun and spread smiles around the boards…because that’s a way of helping people! We try to be very welcoming to new members, as well, helping them to feel part of the site. Though not all of the book stereotypes fit all of us, there are quite a few of us who are tea drinkers, herb enthusiasts and healers. There are many different types of healing, and you don’t necessarily need to be a doctor or nurse to do so. Overall, the Yellow Ajah is a group of very different personalities that are able to come together, and be a family. We care for each other, and we can share with each other. And we also care for people on a whole. That is, in a nutshell, what the Yellow Ajah at TarValon.Net is all about.

For further information on the Yellow Ajah at TarValon.Net, it's members, traditions and history, see the Yellow Ajah Headquarters