2005 Admin Meeting

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Little is known of the 2005 Admin meeting, other than the decision to set formal age minimum for the different levels of membership. After the meeting the official age requirements became the following:

  • 13 to be a Citizen
  • 14 to be a Novice or Recruit
  • 15 to be an Accepted or Soldier
  • 17 to be an Aes Sedai or Gaidin

Another requirement was set for members who are about to be raised to senior membership. That any member must have a voice conversation with their membership administrator before being raised to Senior Member or attending an official event (this is also called being made "real"). After this meeting it was also decided that the Heads of Ajah or Company Commanders will decide when an Accepted or Soldier is ready to be raised into their group, and will compile a packet of information which will later be sent to the Hall of the Tower for voting on the individual's raising.

Guilds were also introduced as an idea.