2009 Admin Meeting

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The 2009 Administrative Meeting was held after JordanCon

The following changes were decided upon

We will conduct exit interviews rather than annual interviews for those positions. We'll attempt moving reports and related materials off of forums and onto google docs. Ubahsur will be coming on board as a professional volunteer consultant for HR-related concerns. We'll begin keeping records of all who apply for high level positions for 3 years, and generate affirmative action and other similar reports as such data may be required by the government in the future. It was discussed that we might provide visual alternative training, but decided that we will stick to a written format as we're a community that, by our nature, almost exclusively communicates by text.


Membership Admins will continue to run in 18 month blocks, but they will be implemented quarterly instead of our current 6 month system to more evenly spread out training, etc. Guild Leaders will rotate every 12 months on July 1 each year.


We're creating a Department of Events and Conferences to focus solely on Anni, Fall Ball, the two Euro events, Tower Party Australia and our attendance at conferences (Dragon*Con and Jordan*Con). Serinia was asked to take this position. She will directly manage the Mistresses/Masters of Revels for each Region (NA, South Pacific, UK, Continental), Conference Coordinator, Head Marshal, Prop Mistress/Master; MoRs manage Committee members; MoR’s are admins, all else are staff (e.g. Conference Coordinator). The goal of this department will be to bring a higher level of professionalism to all events, and to standardize the quality and service provided by event leadership regardless of the event location. We still will continue to use Paypal to manage funds for European events as there is no other viable option open to us at this time. Valorian suggested we look at alternative online banks such as DigitalRiver and 2Checkout, and Serinia will investigate these options. The Director will generate a quarterly report, and Admins/MoRs will submit a report after each event.

Executive Attendance

We understand that it has become increasingly important that we make efforts to "cross the pond," and have an Executive presence at events in various locations. In this spirit, the Keeper will be attending the Summer Euro event. The Director of Events will look to attend Winter Euro 2010, which will help her to better evaluate how events are handled in different locations. The Amyrlin will, god willing and the sun still shine, try to make it over within a year after that.


We'll be creating a department focused only on our philanthropic efforts. After the successful fundraiser in conjunction with Brandon Sanderson, our role as "Servants of All" is taking on greater importance for us, and we have more opportunities to not only raise funds among our own members, but to administrate fundraisers that involve all of WoT Fandom. With the creation of Jordan*Con, we're no longer the only entity that holds large scale real life events, so taking our philanthropic work a step further is a natural progression for us in being a unique community. In addition to this, the department will also manage our standard Holiday charity (which will now be called "Feast of Lights Charity" rather than "Christmas Charity", and will run approximately from the American Thanksgiving through the end of December).

Community Development

The position of General Services Manager will not be replaced

Department of Administration

We have decided to limit attendance at admin meetings to Officers, Directors, admins/staff who deal directly with our business aspect of things (such as Treasurer, Mistresses of Revels, etc), and Personal Assistants for Officers.